Without a doubt the start of an online business can be a very exciting thing to do. However, it also has the potential for being a rather confusing undertaking especially if you're unsure about the kind of business you want. You have probably heard the adage: Don't put all your eggs in one basket? Well, it certainly applies in this case.

What you need to do is ensure that your online income is not originating from a single source. In other words you need to diversify and one way of doing that is to sell information products. It isn't difficult to create an info product in less than 24 hours depending upon what the product it of course.

eBooks are definitely a good example of an info product that you can write and sell. It involves writing the eBook on a topic that people tend to search for information regarding and can be something that you are proficient in or even something that you learn about through your research. Besides eBooks you could also choose to create online courses or workshops through which you make your expertise available.

Another option is to promote products as an affiliate. You will obviously need to find one that you believe in and that has the capacity to sell well. You will promote this product and earn a commission on the sales. Don't be discouraged by the thought of promotions because this just indicates that you will raise awareness about the product through driving traffic to it.

Many people choose this form of online business because it not only doesn't cost them anything but it also happens to be very easy to break into. Promoting products can be achieved through written articles which are submitted to article directories, blogging, or promoted on your website or popular social sites which include Twitter and Facebook.

Membership sites are also popular for many beginning entrepreneurs. A membership site means that you receive remuneration for passing on your knowledge to other people. An example follows:

Let us assume that you are an expert when it comes to computer repairs. A membership site would be one that you set up where others can log in and find answers to their queries regarding this, and they have the option of participating in a forum, and so on.

When you have gathered enough experience and earned a profit through your membership site you can then expand by writing an eBook or devising a course which others can use to learn how to do the exact same thing.

You could also choose to launch your online business by offering freelance services. All that this means is that you are your own boss giving you the freedom to choose which jobs you will accept and which you will not.

There really are a lot of different ways that you can have an online service business. Besides those already mentioned there is graphic design work, website building, editing what other write, article writing, etc.

What makes these ideas so great is the fact that you can start your online business and the start-up costs are very often cheaper than having a meal out! All you need in order to get going is to set up a website and a means of accepting payments such as PayPal.

When you have started working and building on your reputation you will then be able to pick and choose the type of jobs you want to take on. But a word of caution: If you choose to not accept freelance jobs through an online service which matches them to those seeking them, you will have to ensure that your definition of the work you will do is available via email or message board documentation. In that way you avoid unpleasant surprises further on down the line.

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