Las Vegas is also known as the sin city because of its history in gambling and other crimes. However, it is a lot more than just some poker tables and other things. Las Vegas is a big city, which provides you a very wide variety of visitor attractions, which can range from pubs to restaurants to amazing museums and landscapes.

It is filled with top class casinos, which let the visitors from different countries, come here and see the whole world without having to get out of the city itself.

There are a lot of other pirate shows and botanical exhibitions, which engage the visitors from every kind of background. No matter where you are coming from and where you belong to, Vegas will always have something amazing for you that you cannot deny and will have to stay for a long time. There are multiple Las Vegas hotels, which are excellent for stay.

Mob Museum

Mob museum is the museum which lets you feel that Mob is not only ruling the Las Vegas, but it is back to ruling the whole United States once again. This museum, which is in the downtown of Las Vegas, lets you know a lot about Mob. It gives you a lot of knowledge about crimes and other things in the country.

It was an important part of the United States, and you need to learn a lot before you can understand the sin city completely.

This is a completely non-profit museum, which lets you know about the organized crimes from the very beginning to this day. This mob museum cost around $42 million to make, and it was completely funded by the government to provide an educational center to all people so they could learn about mob more.

 Fremont Street Experience

This street is the most amazing experience that no visitor that comes to Vegas can miss. This is, in fact, a reason why most of the visitors come here and have their fun. This street never sleeps even for a second and different colored lights are always illuminated in the sky. The whole sky is almost covered with these lights, and it gives a sense of colourful stars, which have covered the natural sky.

Loud music keeps playing all night too, and there are different light shows in one single night here. All the casinos and different other places turn their lights off which signals that the light show is about to begin.

The light show here can only be described in two words as “completely awesome.” This is one of the most historical places in Las Vegas too.

Caesars Palace

Jay Sarno who had been building different motels all around the US built this palace. His love for gambling brought him to the sin city where he built his casino, which was bigger and better than anything that the Vegas had to offer.

This palace then opened in Vegas in 1966, and it was something that no one in the strip had ever seen. Its total worth at that time was around $24 million, and it started attracting a lot of gamblers and other people. You have also seen this palace in many movies too as it allows them to film. This place was a total hit of its time with its fountains inside the building, pools available and all the employees wearing Roman themed clothes.

Stratosphere Tower

The stratosphere is the tallest solo standing building in the whole Vegas. There is a stratosphere hotel close to it, and as visitors used to come here just for the sights, the hotels are mainly built around the famous places to let them enjoy the view and come out and roam around whenever they want.

This tower allows you to have a 360-degree view of the whole city while standing at the top of the building.

This is one of the most visited attractions in the Vegas as you can see the whole Vegas while standing on the top of this.

The Strip

There are casinos all around the Vegas, but the strip is the place where you will find most of them and the most famous ones. This place has different hotels, which have been made to look like casinos to make a total and better atmosphere for all the visitors that come here.

You can stay here and roam around at night as much as you want and you will never get tired of it.

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