What Vitamins Should You Be Taking?

What Are Vitamins 


An organic molecule that is needed by organisms for a proper functioning metabolism is called a vitamin. Vitamins are also essential nutrients that cannot be made by man or synthesized in the organism but they must be obtained through an individuals diet. When it comes to vitamins individuals should  not confuse vitamins with other essential nutrients such as minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. 


How To Choose The Right Vitamin


Most individuals have trouble meeting their daily dietary needs when it comes to getting all of their needed vitamins.The best way to get all of the proper vitamin requirements that the body needs to function properly is to take a multivitamin. Multivitamins are recommended by doctors and dietitians because they are effective, safe, and can correct any nutritional deficiencies. Individuals should be aware that just because you take a multivitamin does not mean that you should not still consume healthy foods. Because healthy foods will still provide the bulk of your nutrients and also fiber. A healthy diet also provides humans with antioxidants and phytochemicals. In America today the multivitamin supplement is widely used. Studies have shown that 40% of Americans take a multivitamin to ensure that they are getting all the proper vitamins and minerals that they need.


The reason why a multivitamin is recommended and is used by so many Americans is to supplement the diet not to correct a bad diet. The multivitamin is useful when it comes to making up for minor deficiencies that can possibly lead to chronic health issues in the future. There have been studies done that have proven that multivitamins do have a positive effect on both men and women. The Journal of Nutrition released a study back in August 2003 and the study found that women and men who took multivitamins greatly reduced their risk of having a heart attack. Another reason why a multivitamin supplement is very important is because on a daily basis the body needs to ingest around 40 vitamins and minerals daily. This can be very difficult to achieve just with a daily diet so the supplement helps you to meet the daily regimen of vitamins and minerals that are needed. 


Other Ways That Individuals Can Get Vitamins And Nutrients


There are natural supplements that are found in the earth that provides vitamins and nutrients that the body needs as well. One of these products is a systemic enzyme product that is called heal and soothe. This product provides the body with many different nutrients and listed here are a few turmeric, ginger, papain, and bromelain. The use of a product like this is nothing new in the world. Systemic enzymes have been used throughout history to treat illnesses and just to help keep people healthy for the last 50 years. Enzymes helps vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to work more efficient and faster. Taking a natural supplement like this will strengthen your body and your immune system. The reason why is because you are making sure that your body has the proper amount of enzymes that it needs to function. This is important because enzymes are the body's support system when it comes to staying fit, active, and healthy. 


Enzymes perform a variety of functions like supporting the inflammatory response. This is a positive because if an individual has an injury or is experiencing pain the inflammatory response decreases the pain and helps to positively impact flexibility and mobility of the area that is affected. When individuals have the proper inflammation causing substances inside of their body this promotes a healthy heart and brain. It also helps to keep the individuals joints pain free, flexible, and with a high degree of mobility in the latter days of their life.            


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