There are dozens of different website platforms out there from which to choose. Today, HTML is still a common platform, but many are learning towards other platforms like Drupal and WordPress. These programs all have different features and benefits, and some are better than others. The use of HTML, Drupal, Joomla, and other web platforms are great for technical websites and very popular among those who use them. However, the platform of choice for any website that is non-technical is WordPress. There are many reasons to use this platform and many benefits that come along with it.

WordPress benefits include:

Ease of Use
Dynamic Content
Affordability (FREE)
Powerful SEO Tools
Social Media Plug-Ins and Support

When building a website, there is something that you actually need more than the website itself: search engine rankings. Getting the best rankings includes using the right platform to get your message out there. Having an advantage by using WordPress is something that you should think about because search engines love WordPress. The reason that it is such a popular tool is because search engines can depend on content to be kept fresh, which is what keeps them and your visitors coming back time and time again.

You can choose from a variety of professional themes for a WordPress site that allows you to get away with no one even paying attention to the fact that you are using the platform unless they take the time to look around. If you choose, you can even pay for better themes and designs. If the only investment that you make in website development is less than $500 for a professional, high-end WordPress theme, you are actually doing better than most people who create websites. Aside from these themes, however, this is one of the few website platforms that are actually free to use.

Another way that you can spend a few dollars investing in your website platforms with WordPress is to buy a domain that is more businesslike than "" so that your users can find your website and feel like they are visiting a business and not a personal blog website. Uploading content and utilizing SEO with this platform is easy because of all of the built-in tools that are on your dashboard and ready to go when you need them. The wide selection of plug-ins that you can choose from will give you more functionality and better features to create a professional, successful website from a simple platform that anyone can use.

Author's Bio: 

Jerri Palumbo is the founder of Virtually Achieved,, a company offering internet marketing solutions, project management and support to small businesses around the globe. They specialize in helping entrepreneurs create online products from concept to launch.