Everyone knows there is enormous money is spinning around online food delivery service. With the latest technology and changing trends, the food industry is at the highest peak. But many entrepreneurs and startups are already raising their eyebrow that what will be the future of food delivery service.

Even though people tend to eat out, it is still food delivery is gloaming all around. Data says that 70% of online orders are by food delivery apps. Food delivery provides the convenience that food delivered in a tap. People prefer food delivery softwares because of its convenience, personalization, and choice.

Here, we can see some of the trends and factors that affect the future of food delivery.

Traditional Way Of Food Delivery
People are easily attracted and adaptive to the digital medium, as the old trends are moving out of scope.

Phone Order
Phone orders are one of the primary methods of ordering online before food delivery apps. But it leads to a lot of confusion and issues. There may be misplaced orders and lots of possibilities for human errors. People need to search for phone numbers to order and, it is hard for the driver to deliver to the correct location.

Unprocessed Food Delivery
Unprocessed and readymade food needs baking and boiling before people have it. Due to the lack of variety and being less tasty moves out of the competition.

Current Trends
After the introduction of the food delivery app, there is lots of development and changes in the way of delivery. Now people can order in a moment and pay through online. There is no place for any confusion and concerns. Here are some essential features of food delivery apps.

Easy To Use
Due to its intuitive design and responsive user interface, the food delivery apps are easy to use. Thus, the user directly orders food through food delivery app without any confusion.

As people love to engage with the app, most of the food delivery app provides an option to create and manage profiles. With the option to customize the app, will increases user engagement and connectivity with the app.

Order Status
With the help of push notification, the user is notified with order status and order details like food is prepared, the order is on the way and order is delivered.

Live Tracking
People no need to worry about delivery as they can easily track their order by live driver location. The restaurant can also trace the driver location.

Online Payment
Through online payment, a user can quickly pay for their orders using credit or debit card, net banking, and COD. The wallet option is also there in the food delivery app to help users.

Fast Delivery
Due to instant notification and steady business flow, online food delivery is faster than ever. Thus, food delivery drives delivery much quicker than before.

Future Of Food Delivery
The food industry is growing swiftly and, it is estimated 9.5% growth a year. Due to this demand and needs, there is lots of development and improvements are going around food delivery.

Driverless Delivery
Pizza Hut ties up with Toyota for testing driverless delivery. As most of the companies including UberEats, Domino's are testing automated delivery. You may be delivered food in automated cars in near future.

Many companies including Amazon and UberEats are investing heavily on drone delivery. Many consider drone delivery as the future of food delivery. There is no traffic to worry about or any human interaction.

Chatbots may replace many of online process including food ordering. The user can order online using simple conversation in their chatbots. As technology is growing further, there are chances for placing food orders may further be simplified.

Delivery Robots
Pepsico is testing self-driving robots for snacks and beverage delivery. The robot can automatically be stopped by when interfered and wait up to 10 minutes as waiting time before moving to the next delivery.

Virtual Kitchen
Techcrunch wrote, "the next big restaurant chain may not own any kitchen." The restaurants can easily rent kitchens to expand its delivery.This will help restaurants that depend mainly on online orders. Many top companies including Google Venture are investing more on the virtual kitchen. You can find many virtual kitchens in the nearby future.

Thus the demand and needs for food delivery are growing continuously. If you are about to start an online food delivery service then, this is the right time for you.

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You can also make use of app and web development companies to start your business.
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