Whether you’re a start-up or an established Fortune 500 company, you have something in common:

You want to be the best in your industry and to increase your value.

Your business is on the verge of greatness. Your team is the best in the industry. But you need that special something to push your enterprise to the next level. You just don’t know what that special something is.

What if you could develop an understanding each team member’s greatest assets and areas of weakness, and equip them with that knowledge? How might that affect your organization’s teamwork, conflict resolution, and project success? What if you could have the information that would allow you to manage to individual priorities and motivations, and reward employees in ways that will make the most impact on their productivity and job satisfaction? What if you had the ability to help your employees work better together and to further develop leadership skills in your management team?

It starts with information.

During the first part of our workshop your team members will learn about the DiSC ® profile method. They will be guided through self-identification tools to determine which of the four DiSC® personality and behavior styles they fit into:

D: Dominance
direct, strong-willed, and forceful

I: Influence
Influence: sociable, talkative, and lively

S: Steadiness
gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted

C: Conscientiousness
private, analytical, and logical

Awareness is power.

This knowledge of how each individual in your team is hardwired will be discussed in practical terms with how it impacts their interaction with other personality types. Our highly interactive DiSC® workshops will bring your team together to gain a better understanding of their personal strengths, their team member’s strength, and create an awareness and appreciation of their differences. Our facilitators will provide practical examples and applications of this information so teams can work better together.

Practical applications make the difference.

Unlike most staff training courses, we make intangible concepts applicable to your specific business model and create results that go past a memorable day of training. Facilitators will discuss scenarios and how the four different styles impact communication, responses, and the dynamics of a group as a whole. We’ll provide examples and situations based on your company’s business. Our workshops are informative, fun, and provide practical applications so this information has long-term positive results on your business.

Results and empowerment

• Sales teams can discover the effectiveness of a relational focused approach with their customers vs. a product-transactional approach
• Managers will learn how to manage more effectively by understanding how to motivate their individual team members and assign projects based on individual strengths and weaknesses
• Customer service teams can learn more about what their customers want through recognition of different communication styles and how they translate into the DiSC® model

Your organization will have improved:

• Communication tools for difficult and every-day business situations
Productivity and accountability through individual skill-based training that raises the bar for everyone in the quality of their interactions
• Conflict resolution capabilities that stem from their insight into different styles, strengths, and weaknesses of individuals in their team

DiSC® workshops will empower you to make your good company great, turn your great employees into outstanding teams, and have a positive affect your business’ success.

SIDE BAR – Scenarios of personalities in action

Some people are driven to be in charge. They like to make decisions and favor roles where they have a sense of power and authority. These employees typically score high in the D quadrant. Others might make good managers because they are patient and good at mentoring people. Those who score high in the S quadrant fall into this category. They are motivated by stability and tend to be even tempered. Who at your office is fun loving and energetic? These employees are typically the influencers, or the I’s. The Conscientiousness or C quadrant individual likes things to be in order and prefers to follow protocol.

So what happens if a predominately C person is a manager over a type D? Wouldn’t it be helpful for the C to know that a D needs to feel powerful and should be put in charge of some projects to reach their best potential? Or what if you have a person who scores high in the S quadrant and you have been frustrated at their ability to complete projects quickly enough? Knowing that they are wired to keep a steady and controlled pace, might lead you to manage their projects in phases with specific deadlines for each phase.

Author's Bio: 

Rob Jackson is President of Magnovo Training Group, a soft-skills training company focusing on corporate team building, DiSC personality styles and leadership development. Rob has been a speaker and trainer for over 20 years specializing in effective leadership, executive presence, personality discovery, relational sales training, presentation skills, and charity team building.