With the ever changing landscape of the world, be it offline or digital, what does a business do to not just survive, but disrupt and stand out? It’s a rough world where it’s either innovate… or die. In such a cut-throat scenario, what is left for brands to do? Is there a secret, elusive brand building strategy that the big brands have mastered? Is brand rejuvenation the only answer to stay relevant? The real answer is all the answers are right if you know how to base them on human centered design . With the rest, you can ensure consumer satisfaction. But when the business is crafted around a user centered design, you convert the satisfied customers into passionate, loyal fans.
How we do it:
We begin at the grass-root level and decode insights that lead us to enable design solutions for a radical impact. Our world view is completely different from several other branding agencies in Mumbai, and many more across India. We as a creative agency, do not believe in limiting ourselves to just branding. The world is changing, and creative amalgamation of a branding and a digital strategy agency .
What it exactly is:
What do we mean by human centric business design? We define it as a user adaptive approach that keeps the user in the forefront, which in turn keeps businesses ahead of the curve.
Why it’s necessary:
Consumer is king. We have all heard the age old adage. They can make or ruin a business within seconds. There’s a reason word-of-mouth is still the best, most organic sources of growth for any brand or business out there. After all these years, why is there still any doubt around putting the consumer, the human first? A product experience crafted and created especially for the consumer, and to make the consumer feel it has been crafted ‘especially for him/her’, is a win on all fronts. Everything, be it marketing, design, manufacturing, distribution, creation, supply chain etc… needs to be molded according to how the consumer would see it, want it, and desire it. Otherwise it’s a futile exercise.
A holistic approach for the consumer:
Culture. Design. Behaviours. We believe in digging deep in all the facets and nuances of the consumer before launching a plan that encapsulates all, thus giving the business an edge. The subconscious mind as well as the unconscious minds of the consumer are reached out to, and therein lay ideas that change things. design thinking process, clubbed with branding/marketing/digital prowess enables us to create a solution that is just the right mix your business needs.
Things are changing at light speed. We can no longer plan for anything. All we can do is stay prepared. Help us help you stay prepared.

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dyworks is into business design, design thinking and digital marketing.