I’ve made a lot of really crappy decisions. I have! I admit it. And I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, that hurt people, that hurt me. Many of these have been irreversible and life-changing.

And boy, was there a time when I would let these decisions (and outcomes) stop me. There was a time I would hang out and allow my decisions to paralyze me, keep me from being present and keep me from living the life I so desperately desired.

And then I realized I had a choice.

I could choose to:

Hang out in regret about my decisions and commitments already made
Hang out in self-doubt, indecision and second-guessing myself
Hang out in blame and being a “victim”
Hang out in comparison and judgment and not feeling “good enough”
Forget that I was a powerful Spiritual being having a human experience and there is no end to what I can achieve

Or I could choose to:

Embrace my decisions and leverage them for change and success
Embrace my decisions to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve what I want
Embrace my experience as a Divine spiritual being having a human experience
Embrace that where I am is perfect, exact and empowering
Embrace the creative spirit of “there is enough for all and there is no competition”
Embrace the fact that I will get the results to the degree that I am willing to put forth the energy and take the necessary action.
Embrace the power of who I am and demand from the Universe that the opportunity present itself to me NOW!

When I started coming from a place of embracing the past and the present, letting go of the judgment, resistance and disappointment, I released myself from the events of the past. I released myself from paralysis. Then I began to allow myself to step into and claim what I truly desired, with strength, with conviction and with a knowing.

It all comes down to choice….

You get to decide, you get to choose!

Call to Action

If you are feeling stagnant, overwhelmed or even paralyzed, I invite you to take an inventory of where your thoughts are around the decisions you’ve made and experiences you have had…or are having.

Which place are you choosing to hang out in? A place of judgment, indecision blame and lack that is keeping you small? Or a place of empowerment, embracing what was and what is and moving fully into a future expressing your true greatness?

It’s all up to you… You get to decide, you get to choose!

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