Windows are absolutely natural and familiar elements of the building. Windows primarily serve as a source of daylight and provide visibility. But also the window, as an architectural element, expresses the individuality of the building. At all times, architects and architects paid special attention to the combination of forms and configurations of windows in the exterior of the building.

The oldest windows were not glazed holes in the walls, which allowed fresh air and daylight into the room. The first window panes appeared in Rome, and glazing became widespread in the 13th century. in church construction, and in the XVI century. in residential construction. The arising variety of window styles testifies to their importance in architectural aesthetics.

The shape, material, equipment and other features of window structures in different countries are dictated by the climatic conditions of the area, the level of technology development and building traditions.

American windows

For example, Americans are distinguished by their practicality, optimal use of space and comfort. Therefore , windows with a sliding opening system are characteristic of America . Most of the windows are occupied by systems with a vertical direction of the shift of the sash. Such windows have been popular for a long time and we all saw them in American films.

The vertically movable window design does not have hinges, the sash rises and is fixed in this position by special clamps. In the southern regions of America, dull windows with a narrow profile are common.

German windows - practicality and durability

The main criterion for choosing windows in Germany is the durability and operational strength of the structures. That Germany is the homeland of plastic windows , which have a high thermal insulation, reliability, practicality and ease of maintenance and operation. German windows in most cases are equipped with tilt-and-turn fittings.

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English windows

Traditional English windows are distinguished by their height and narrowness, they are usually divided into square sections, which can be blind, open outward or vertically. This method of opening allows you to save maximum internal space, which is typical for prudent English. It is interesting that the British do not put double-glazed windows, but mostly only single, although the average annual temperature is quite low.

Scandinavian double glazing

Windows in Scandinavian countries are significantly different from European windows. Modern and so popular plastic windows have not taken root in the countries of Scandinavia; instead, Scandinavians use wooden windows similar to Soviet ones .

The cold climate of the countries has led to the use of double-glazed windows. The inner frame is equipped with a double glazing, and the outer one is single. The entire window design is equipped with a single locking mechanism.

Windows in Italy

The peculiarity of windows in Italy is determined by the warm climate of the country. The windows have wide external slopes, which helps protect the interior from sunlight and keep cool in the house. Windows are usually small in size , which is also explained by the prevalence of sunny weather. Italy is also characterized by the arched shape of the windows.

French charm

The French greatly appreciate the good natural light in the rooms. Therefore, the windows in France are large, floor-to-ceiling glazing is often used , the so-called “French balcony”. Large windows allow sunlight to fill the space, make it more spacious, warmer, visually erase the border between nature and the room. An interesting feature of French windows is the even number of wings. Sashes open into the room.

French windows are usually made of plastic. Wooden structures are not popular, as the French respect the environment. In France, skylights located in the roof of a house are also popular.

Windows in Ukraine

In winter, Ukraine is characterized by fairly low temperatures, so high thermal insulation is one of the key factors when choosing a glazing. Therefore, plastic windows using multi-chamber profile systems and two-chamber double-glazed windows with an energy-saving coating are popular in our country .

Traditionally, windows consist of two or three sections, open into the interior of the room with the help of tilt-and-turn fittings. But in new buildings more and more often use panoramic glazing.

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