Designing for the seasons is always in and if you are among the many embracing the winter season by decorating your interior space, never neglect the need for wooden shutters. Drapes and blinds must be changed out regularly, but perfectly designed wooden shutters last throughout the seasons. Here are some of the winter looks that are perfectly complemented by timber shutters.

Going Green

An unfortunate side effect to many homeowners during the winter season is the weather. It is too cold to go outside and play, so they are forced to remain indoors throughout the season. This can often become depressing, but that is when a clever interior designer will bring the best of the outside indoors. Live plants and greenery are not just a way to provide a little colour to your interior space. They also provide ample oxygen and clean the air. Plants such as aloe vera, lavender, and chrysanthemums have shown to improve indoor air quality.

Wooden shutters allow for ideal light to flood your interior space, plants to grow more effectively and for you to feel less shut in. Beautiful greenery and natural indoor elements bring a feeling of openness to even an enclosed space, so you do not have to feel shut in all winter long. Simply open your wooden shutters during the day and let the light shine in. At night wooden shutters provide optimal privacy, so both night and day, they are perfect.

Splashes of Colour

Feelings of depression can be common during the winter season. With fewer people enjoying the outdoors, it is easy to feel cut off from others, but a little colour added to your space may just brighten up your demeanor. Bring in bright colours during this time of the year by investing in fun, vibrant throw pillows and rugs. The beauty of these small attributes is they can be changed out as needed with very little investment. Just because it is winter does not mean you should neglect your natural need for vibrant colour. Wooden shutters are just as adaptable as they work perfectly with an array of colour options. This is especially true if you opt for simple, white shutters.

That Cabin Feel

Everyone has their preferred method of dealing with the frosty winter season, but if bright colours and greenery are not your idea of perfection, consider a cozy cabin feel. Cabins are often comprised of dark rich wood tones and natural features. The scene can be ideal for the winter season as the contrast of a roaring fire on the inside and below freezing temperatures outside can make us feel wonderfully comfortable. What better way to embrace the concept than with wooden shutters.

Not only are wooden shutters available in perfectly matched wood tones, they also have the ability to absorb light, making the interior of your home up to 20% warmer. Best of all, wooden shutters are adaptable for all seasons, so you can enjoy your unique cabin feel in both cold winter as well as the hot summer months. Plantation Shutters are not only a way to cover the windows, but an investment in your home’s future.

Wood shutters are among the oldest form of window coverings. They have been around for many years providing homeowners with a unique design option as a way to have optimal privacy. This winter season, consider investing in high quality wood shutters for your home. Not only are they the perfect addition to your interior space, they are beautiful from the outside as well. Be the envy of the neighborhood with wooden shutters this winter and for many years to come.

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