Men are always asking such basic questions:

• Where do I find women?
• How can I make a girl like me?
• How do I get a girlfriend?
• Why can’t I ever seem to find someone?

All of these questions have the same thing in common: men are not addressing what women want. They are merely complaining about why they don’t automatically have a girlfriend just because they want one. That’s lesson number one in what women look for in men. You have to determine your value and figure out why a woman would want to talk to you, date you, and some day spend the rest of her life with you.

What women look for in men is an “alpha male”, someone who stands head and shoulders above the rest of the competition—at least in a metaphorical sort of way. No, that doesn’t mean you have to be tall, strong, handsome, or even have a super confident superhero type personality. However, that does mean you have to spend some time analyzing the competition and figuring out what you have to offer that other men around you cannot.

What Women Look for in Men

Here’s a cheat sheet on what most women look for in men. While it’s not true to say that all women are alike, or that these desired qualities are listed by every single woman on the planet, we can say that this is a fairly common list. These qualities are just what we expect when we meet nice, decent people!

Women want:

• Honest men. All women (at least without major personality disorders) respect a man who is honest and forthright about his opinions and his feelings. Men who lie or are too afraid to say what they’re thinking are not attractive.
• Kind men. The whole idea of being a jerk just to impress a woman is a lie perpetrated by sadists and the masochists who enable them. This is not normal behavior and don’t ever think that you have to resort to being rude or violent just to get attention.
• Extroverted men. This doesn’t mean that shy guys don’t have a chance. Understand however, that you have to be willing to make the “first move” and start a conversation. A man who doesn’t have the nerve to approach a woman he likes usually ends up alone.
• What women look for in men is confidence. Confidence doesn’t mean one particular type of behavior. A variety of men can be confident in very different ways. Some men are macho and have a strong posture. Some are intelligent and creative. Some are honest and openly emotional. All of these scenarios could be considered as displays of confidence. You are far more likely to impress a woman if you can show her personal strength and high self-esteem in some way.
• Women want men who are challenging. This is where some guys confuse mean behavior with being a challenge. A man who is a challenge isn’t always antagonistic. Rather, he is opinionated; he isn’t so afraid to lose a woman’s approval that he never speaks. He isn’t needy and he isn’t apologetic.
• Funny guys. It helps to be funny and so self-confident that nothing seems to faze you. You can handle bratty women, high maintenance women, or women who are harassing you, because you’re just that cool. So yes, it helps if you’re a comedian but even more important is having the right attitude – the attitude that you’re in control.

What Women Look for in Men – Marketing Yourself

So the next time you are on the prowl looking for a date, remember to see yourself through a woman’s eyes. List the qualities about yourself that you like, that other people like, and turn up the volume just a little bit. Get her attention, strut your stuff and have some fun. She will notice right away that you have value, that you’re not like most of the other guys who are clueless about dating, and that there’s something special about you.

You might even think of it as if you were selling or marketing yourself. You exaggerate the positive, downplay the negatives, and make your voice heard. Put a little flare, a little fire, into your introduction. This is the killer confidence that sells! This is what women look for in men.

It’s like they always say, love yourself and a woman will love you back!

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Catherine King is a part-time writer who enjoys using writing to challenge her own perspective as well as the beliefs of others. She likes getting to the core of issues and leaving no elephant in the room unaddressed. So you can converse with and learn from (and with) her or deny and debate her, she’ll most likely enjoy either approach.