Centuries come and centuries go yet the differences between the sexes remain the constant occupation of everyone, from writers and filmmakers to artist and photographers. On one hand, people are still believing in the institution of marriage and monogamy because it gives them the sense of romantic purpose in their lives, which would be otherwise dispersed between various one-night stands and meaningless adventures. On the other hand, men keep wondering what women really want and how to keep their relationships alive, regardless of whether they are involved in cougar dating or just want their marriage to thrive.

A heterosexual relationship is filled with various challenges indeed and dating is a two-way street that only works if both sides are appreciated and respected. Chemistry can disappear after a while but there are still some things you can do to enhance your relationship immediately while making your girlfriend or wife happy at the same time.

#1 Start Listening to Her

Women are famous for the impeccable instincts that help them see whether the other person is really listening to them. For them, it’s basically a cakewalk to determine if your mind is wandering elsewhere while she’s giving her best to explain what’s been bothering her lately. It would be best not to argue about this if you notice that she’s right but rather start honing your listening abilities ASAP. The ability to listen to someone is actually a communication skill that can be developed and improved over a certain period of time and if you truly care about her then it won’t be too hard to try.

#2 Make her feel Safe

It’s not about having huge muscles and being a superhero. Women just yearn for their own protector who won’t be judgemental or abusive. The relationship should be about two individuals that are mutually accepting themselves for who they are, so if you’re receiving this from her make sure to give her the same treatment in return. We’re often taking this for granted while in reality we often forget how hard it is to be oneself in the world that is ruled by people wearing masks all the time. And a good relationship should be able to provide you this unique kind of freedom and safety.

#3 Talk to her

The power of communication is enormous, as it can help you avoid almost any obstacle in the relationship. You will agree that it’s needless to feel stressed out or even frustrated about the things that are bothering you in our relationship when you can talk about it like two adults instead - in a sophisticated manner that is backed up by proper arguments while avoiding the aggressive tone. Ladies really like this and probably won’t take the fighting attitude if they notice you’re not doing it either.

#4 Keep the Romance Alive

The little things you do on a daily basis can make a huge difference indeed. And since women are famous for their inclination toward small tokens of affection, this can be beneficial on multiple levels. First, she will appreciate your willingness to pamper her and second, this will increase the levels of intimacy between the two of you and thus probably have the great impact on your bedroom life, which is altogether crucial of a successful relationship or marriage.

Do you believe that long-term monogamous relationships are possible today? Can men understand women and is it really that complicated as everyone believes? We’d really like to hear from you in the comment section below!

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Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur