During the menstruation cycle, menopause, ovulation or because of any gastro-issue, women experience the problem of cramps, pains, tightening of the vagina etc… Pelvic pain is the foremost common symptom. Otherwise known as vaginismus or tightening of the vagina.

There are remedies that are recommended, which you can use after proper consultation with your doctor. According to one of their doctors, Dr. Echenberg of the institute for pelvic and sexual pain, Vuvatech is highly proficient in delivering the best option to the patient that experiences pain during sex related to the tightening of the vagina. Most interestingly, their practical and natural remedies help you overcome the problem in a short period of time. And Vaginal Dilators is one of their commonly recommended solutions to your problem.

Now, let’s grab some knowledge about the vaginal dilators and what you should know about it.

About Dilators: It is nothing but a tube-like device which is generally inserted in the vagina for its stretching. They are made available in different size along with different build quality. Most of the therapists recommend using hard plastic material instead of one made of silicone.

After menopause, you face the biggest problem of the dry and narrow vagina that can occur too often and cause cancer in women. You either need proper treatment for this in the initial days or a surgery to lower the risk of cancer.

There are some points that you should know during Dilators use:

• Always consult your doctor before using the dilators.
• It’s common to have minor bleeding initially, but if it’s more than you expected, you should consult the doctor immediately.
• In the case of urinary tract infection, you will visit washroom too often after the use of dilators.

Increase Dilators Size: The use of dilators therapy is to increase vaginal size. Hence you should always go on increasing the size. When you can insert the dilator without any pain or trouble, it’s time to increase its size. The main purpose of using vaginal dilator is to make you comfortable by increasing your vaginal size. You should opt for this therapy for about 3-4 times a week, but more you can learn from your doctor and take proper assistance.

Those who think that dilators are new in the medical industry should note that it has its presence since last 50 years. So, below are some points that most of you might be unaware of.

• The Vaginal Dilators are used for several purposes but two of them are mostly known i.e. radiation therapy and vaginal reconstruction.
• It is also used to retain the size of the vagina for long. This helps women to enjoy healthy intercourse without getting pain.
• In rare cases, newborn females have a dead end like a dimple. During the teenage, surgery is not a recommended option. Hence the dilation is used to bring it back to existence.
• Some women have a phobia of virginal penetration during intercourse. Sex therapists highly recommend using dilators in this situation to overcome their fear.

So, these are some important points which are not known to many of you. These points will not only grow your knowledge but will also help you understand the actual use of vaginal dilators that most people don’t know.

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