With rich cultivating lands, Bengal has been an agrarian society since time immemorial. Multi-cropping is very common in Bengal which lead Bengal earn a fame for producing quality and varied rice. Varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown throughout the year. In addition, its coastline regions are abundant with rivers and other water bodies like lakes and ponds which offer the populace the broad range of fishes like tangra, hilsa, ruhi, pabda, pomfret, katla and many others. Cattle used for day farming and agriculture are the main source of varied dairy products like butter, curd, ghee, butter and different sweet dishes. Bengali meal is served course-wise in the special format which in turn remarks it the only food of the subcontinent with such evolved convention.
Meals of Bengali family: -
The Bengalis, who are known to be foodies relish various delicacies and take pleasure in serving the guests. Usually, Bengali meal comprises of shukto followed by Shak, Dal, vegetables, mutton/fish/egg-curry/chicken, chutney and sweet dish like curd.
As rice has the significant role in the Bengali platter, you can see its reflections in breakfast. Bengali traditional breakfast contains puffed rice , rice in beaten form called ‘chira’ or fried form known as khoi. The food items which are prepared during breakfast include wheat-based items such as luchi (puffed and deep-fried bread with small rounded shape), porota, kochuri withalurdum or hot dal. In addition, you can also find healthy and less time-consuming breakfast items like cornflakes and oats.
The course-wise lunch consists of items like vegetables, dal and non-veg items like meat or fish. When it comes to veg items, the Bengalis are at home in preparing a number of recipes of regional vegetables available throughout the year. They prepare mouth-watering delicious dishes out of leaves, stalks and peels of vegetable items. They are known to prepare the appetizing cuisines like steamed vegetables and fish prepared with fuel-efficient procedures like putting them in the covered bowl atop of boiling rice.
Spices used in preparing Bengali Cuisine: -
The varieties of spices with their mixes are being used in making traditional Bengali foods. The common ones include kalo jeera (black onion seeds), bay leaves, methi(fenugreek), haldi(turmeric), radhuni (wild celery seeds), ada(ginger), dried red chilli, postho(poppyseed), shorshe(mustard), panchphoron (kalo jeera, black mustard seeds,cumin, fennel and fenugreek) and many more. The black mustard seeds are used either as phoron or as a paste in Bengali foods. Bengali food is famous for its Maacher Jhaal or Maacher Jhol. The gravy of Maacher Jhol is prepared with ginger, turmeric, greenchills, cumin powder and jhaal is the hot and spicy gravy prepared with mustard paste, chilli, turmeric.
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