So you’ve just finished an interview for a job you’re actually interested in. What are the next steps? Well, there’s still things you can do after the interview has ended that will assist you to get that job. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to continue to highlight your interest and qualifications.

The 1st thing to do is promptly send a thank you note or e-mail for each one of your interviewers (you did remember to get their contact information, right?). Sending a note within one day of the interview gives you another way to connect with the decision makers for the company again and show them that you are both interested and highlight a couple of quick items that make you right for the position. It’s amazing how few job candidates in fact send a basic thank you note. In an area in which you are attempting to find ways differentiate yourself from the other applicants, it’s an easy win.

Assuming there were areas of the interview that you felt went particularly well, be sure you make a few short notes to make sure that if there are any follow-up meetings or interviews you will be able to highlight these areas all over again. Likewise, if there were questions or a specific interviewer that gave you concerns or difficulties, be sure you write these down as well. When there’s opportunities to associate with the company once again (even in your brief thank you note), you may get the opportunity to better illuminate or detail areas you felt needed additional clarification.

Additionally, even if you don’t obtain the job you interviewed for, the experiences at the job interview can help you be better prepared for your next interview. Getting better and more confident with the interviewing process and inquiries can only help you. Having these few quick notes at hand will help you prepare for your next job interview.

One of your final questions at the interview should be receiving clarification about what are the next steps and when you could expect to hear back from a representative of the company. This is also a very good occasion to ask if you are able to call back at that time to check in. Make sure to put a memo in your calendar or your organizer promptly to remind yourself to get in touch with the company on that day (provided you haven't heard earlier). It just another opportunity to highlight yourself and exhibit your professionalism and diligence.

So after the interview is over, don’t neglect to do these few simple follow-up tasks. There simple, take little or no time, but they may help highlight your candidacy over other job applicants and make it easier to land that perfect job. Best of Luck!

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Kurt Allan publishes MN Unemployment and the Minnesota Job Bank HQ, both to help you with your Minnesota Area job search.