iPhone owners are possessive about their phones and why wouldn’t they be considering the fragility of the device and its cost, lest anything wrong happens to the Smartphone. If you are an iPhone owner it’s likely that you will feel being overprotective of your phone. Even if we consider it’s the worst scenario and you couldn’t save your phone from potential damage, would you not consider handing it over to a professional at a repair shop or get it sold at a reseller shop? Of course, you will! However, before you allow the technician to get their hands on the device, make sure you have deleted important data so that the professional is unable to access them. Although it is considered illegal to access data of customers yet some people are cheeky enough and will continue to sneakily access such important information and files. Hence, it is vital that you get these following things done before handing over the device to them:

Unpair the Apple watch

If you have already got your Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, quick get it unpaired at first. For this, you will need to visit the “Apple watch” application on your phone. Now visit the “My Watch Tab’’ section where you can select your watch. Choose the information icon and select the watch you need to unpair. After, you are done selecting your watch, choose the unpair apple watch section and confirm your action by entering the Apple ID you have. Next, erase the watch from the options.

Get a phone backup

Before approaching the nearest used phone dealer shop to Sell your Old iPhone in the UK, make sure you have taken a backup of your phone. One of the easiest methods to do is to first use iCloud. Visit settings and then your Apple ID followed by iCloud. Toggle off the apps which are not necessary. For a photo backup, toggle on the Photos option and again Toggle on the iCloud Photo Library option. Also, toggle on iCloud Backup and then select the “Backup Now” option.

Turning off iMessage

There are so many confidential messages you have shared via iMessage. Keeping them unharmed or inaccessible is vital to ensure that they are not in the hands of unscrupulous people. If you are thinking of “Sell My Old iPhone in the UK” make sure you have turned on iMessage by visiting settings and then messages followed by which you will need to toggle off the iMessage option.

Turning off the activation lock

Visit Settings and then iCloud. Now select the “Find my Phone” option. Now, toggle off the “Find My iPhone” option.

Signing out of iCloud

Visit settings and go to Apple ID where you will find your photo. Now, select the Sign Out option. If your phone runs on iOS 7 or any earlier version, make sure you choose “Delete Account”. Now, Select the “Sign out” option again and then select the “Delete from my iPhone” option.

Restore factory settings

Open up settings and visit the General option. After this visit reset and “erase all content” and settings. To accomplish the process enter the Apple ID and password.

Take care of these vital things before you sell off your iPhone.

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The author owns an iPhone and has recently sold off the previous device. In some current blogs, the author has alerted readers of things which iPhone users should be wary of before they Sell their Old iPhone UK.