Regenerative medicine is a field that involves repairing, replacing, and regenerating body cells, tissues, and organs. The team at Sensor Medica uses regenerative medicine in Idaho Falls to maintain the body’s natural healing process.

What are regenerative medicine treatments?

  1. Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy supports the repair response of dysfunctional, diseased, or injured tissues with stem cells or their byproducts. It uses cells as an alternative to donor organs that are limited in supply.

Stem cells are grown in the lab. The cells are employed to specialize in specific cell types, such as nerve cells, blood cells, or heart muscle cells. The specialized cells are then implanted in a person. If a person has heart disease, the cells are injected into the heart muscle. The transplanted stem cells repair defective heart muscle.

  1. Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP)

PRP is obtained by removing blood from the patient and rotating it in a centrifuge to detach a thick layer of platelets from red blood cells. PRP is a plasma containing more platelets than what is found in the blood. PRP therapy exposes a diseased or damaged joint or soft tissue to a highly concentrated platelet solution. When the solution enters the body, it eases inflammation, promotes circulation, and triggers new cell and tissue production.

In severe cases, such as cartilage damage and degenerative arthritis, it’s suggested to combine stem cell therapy with PRP for more healing benefits.

  1. Shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic regenerative medicine that uses high-energy waves to treat numerous musculoskeletal disorders. Shock waves work by emitting acoustic waves that have energy that spread through tissues. They generate extracellular responses, creating beneficial effects such as cell proliferation, pain relief, and protein biosynthesis.

  1. Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment that uses focused light. Light from a laser is tuned to specific wavelengths. Lasers allow surgeons to operate on high accuracy levels, focusing on a tiny area, damaging little of the surrounding tissue. Regenerative medicine prefers to use laser therapy and shock wave therapy together for maximum results.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Accelerated healing. Regenerative medicine boosts healing powers in the body by concentrating them and targeting them where they are needed most. Stem cells or PRP is injected directly into the injured area. Whether you suffer from a degenerative illness or have suffered an acute injury, PRP and stem cells speed up the healing process. PRP and stem cells can repair degenerated spinal discs, regrow tendons and ligaments, regrow cartilage, and regrow and repair fractured bones.

Reduce pain and inflammation naturally. Regenerative medicine only introduces what is already naturally present in the body.

Reduced risk of future injuries and rejection. The body can reject other medication types, but regenerative medicine is not rejected because it's made from substances already in the body.

If you’re ready for increased mobility and pain relief, schedule an appointment with Sensor Medica in Idaho Falls today and learn more about the benefits of regenerative medicine.

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