Most discerning homeowners usually plant trees in and around their compounds as a result of the additional homey ambience as well as attractiveness and appeal they provide. However, every once in a while, the home owner needs to look for providers of professional tree trimming or tree removal services; when trees get old they sometimes rot or they grow too tall and the branches spread more than would be appropriate. The other reason may be that someone just moved to a new home and they found a tree that they don’t really like and would want to have it brought down, pruned or transplanted somewhere else.

No matter what your reasons are, tree removal and tree trimming require a level of professionalism that you cannot just handle on your own. There are appropriate pieces of equipment as well as technical know-how that are required so as to make sure that no damage occurs on the soil or even your house or the neighbors. This is an especially delicate process in cases where you want to transfer a tree to a new location such that it doesn’t die in the process.

Tree removal experts are professionals in tree
transplantation as they know the best way to prepare the ground around the tree they are about to remove from a particular spot. They will drench the soil a few feet away from the trunk so as to allow the root ball to become damp which will prevent any form of stress and make way for easier removal. It is after this that they carefully dig the soil around the tree while making sure they don’t hit any roots that are at least three feet from the trunk.

The next step involves placing some burlap material below the root ball after which they carefully pull it out of the hole and place it in to the new hole. They then use pruning shears to remove fronds from the lower crown. They need to take off about half of the leaves in order to prevent excessive evaporation or transpiration of water through the leaves during the process of transplanting. The rest of the fronds will then be carefully secured using the burlap but care must be taken that they are not wound too tightly. The tree removal experts will also water the root ball before it is transplanted.

If you think that this is a difficult process, tree removal when you have a rotten tree is even a more challenging and time consuming process. The experts will complete the process in two stages. The first stage involves cutting the tree efficiently and safely while the second stage involves removing the stump completely. Whether its tree removal, tree transplanting or tree trimming, save yourself the stress by hiring professionals.

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