Have you ever wondered what could happen if you had an unplanned pregnancy? If not, then this is something you should be thinking about. There are many ways through which you can find yourself having an unplanned pregnancy

One way you can such a pregnancy is if you have unprotected sex during your safe days. The safe days might not always be accurate, and a substantial number of women have gotten pregnant while relying on safe days. Yes! Safe days can fail you. If your period is irregular, the higher the chances of getting pregnant while counting on safe days. 

Family planning methods are not always 100% effective. This means the family planning method you are using can fail, and you end up getting pregnant. If you are using the withdrawal method, you are not safe and need to know your resources if you get pregnant.

The worst way you can get an unplanned pregnancy is if you get raped. A lot of rape cases are being reported every day, where the woman ended up getting pregnant. Rape can happen to anyone. Whenever it happens, the individual needs to be aware of their options. The aftermath of rape is devastating to the woman, and therefore, they will need a lot of counseling before making the right decision. It is always advisable to report a rape case and visit the nearest health center as soon as possible. In turn, the doctors will offer you the right medication to prevent you from getting pregnant or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. However, rape is associated with a lot of stigmatization, and a huge number of the victims fail to seek medical care or report the case. When such happens, they risk getting pregnant or contracting diseases. 

Here are the unplanned pregnancy options that you can utilize.


This is a case where the mother decides to terminate the pregnancy. If you choose this option, you need to be sure you are making the right decision to avoid regretting it later. It is also important to have it done by a professional to avoid complications that might affect your fertility. 


This is an option where you give out the baby for adoption. There are plenty of couples looking to adopt kids, and therefore, you will not lack an option. This means you will carry the pregnancy to term and give the baby away as soon as they are born.

Keeping the baby

If you choose this option, it means you have decided to keep the pregnancy and become a mother.

If you get an unplanned pregnancy, you need to be aware of the planning resources you can utilize to make the right decision. If you are not aware of such resources, you might end up being frustrated by the situation. This is not something you want. Frustrations during pregnancy are not safe for the mother or the baby. Knowing what to do is the ideal option for avoiding such frustrations.

Once a girl has reached the reproductive age, they need to know the various unplanned pregnancy resources. This kind of information would help them avoid some of the situations that lead to unplanned pregnancies. There are plenty of resources across the internet, where women can learn more about unplanned pregnancies. For instance, they can learn how to handle such a situation regarding whether to keep the baby.  

As you chose your ideal option, it is advisable to get guidance from a professional to ensure you are making the right decision. You do not want to make a decision that you will regret later. It is also good to take your time and avoid making quick decisions. These are the kind of decisions that people come to regret later.

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