Relocating and settling in a totally different country is an entirely different experience compared to just visiting it, and has both ups and downs. However, if you find yourself moving from one country to another, you are definitely going to keep your belongings in mind. But what about your digital belongings?

The things that you have downloaded can be easily transported from one device to another, but what about the other things that were purchased and that aren't currently on your device?

You should know that Apple depends on a billing address for purchase in overall its products – App Store, iTunes Store, and more – to choose in which country you reside. So in case you make a purchase in one country and then move to another, you could find yourself locked out from your earlier purchases.

Many users can get error messages such as, "Account not in this store", indicating that there is a problem with the App Store. This will prevent you from purchasing, downloading, installing, and updating apps on your iPhone.

How To Prevent Loss Of Content


You can follow the Apple guide on how to change the country of your Apple ID, however, it comes down to the following points:

  • Firstly, you will need an established payment method in the new country that you just moved in and that has a billing address in that country.
  • Also, you will need to have all your current subscriptions cancelled & credit used up.
  • Lastly, anything active such as a movie rental period, a subscription, or items in season pass have to be used up.

Now, this is where the re-downloading steps in. As Apple warns that you are likely to lose access to the stuff that you purchased in various stores in the previous country after you changed your registration to another unless you have downloaded those things prior to changing your bill address to the new country.

However, Apple does not delete your content, though a viral tweet in 2018 made it look like it might. What basically happened is that a user purchased a movie in one country and could not re-download the movies in another country.

One way to work out these country-based limits is if you can maintain payment methods in the 2 (or more) countries in which you have made & plan to make purchases having billing addresses in those nations.

You can create Apple ID for each, and use content through those IDs. But you may be regularly asked to enter the Apple ID and password that is not your default for iTunes & App Store every time you try to play or launch certain purchases that depend on that other ID, however.

And with numerous IDs, Apple will let you change a store's login, even in the case they are registered to different nations, creating a totally different set of content and apps accessible.

Even so, Apple can limit changing IDs to once per 90 days on a given device after you utilize certain iTunes features on that device, including downloading & playing movies, music, & TV shows, logging into Apple Music, or downloading a previous purchase in any store. 

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