Subliminal images are unique pictures that can influence your subconscious and conscious mind when you gazed at them. They do appear in TV shows, movies, magazines and other media sources. In most cases, when such images are looked upon, they are not usually recognized for what they really are. In fact, your conscious mind may even try to ignore them. They may as well be beyond your level of conscious perception.

There are some real facts you need to know about subliminal images in order to use them effectively. In the first place, you need to understand how they really look like and also how they appear. Basically, such images can be in any form. They can be in the form of print adverts in the magazines. They can also be in the form of regular commercials meant for adverts in the TV. They can also be in the form of DVD images which you can easily watch.
Whichever is the case, the best subliminal images you can use are the types that also have real messages and sounds that can influence your mental system. There are many of them out there in DVD forms. Some of them even appear only as messages or sounds in ordinary CDs.

Another fact you need to know about using the subliminal images is how they influence the human mental system. Basically, the images are first of all perceived by the unconscious or subconscious mind. At first, your conscious mind doesn’t have enough time to recognize or analyze such images. When you first notice a subliminal image, your conscious mind can easily ignore it without having anything to do with it. In the process of ignoring the image, your subconscious mind has already picked it without your knowledge. Oftentimes, there’s always a clear impression the image will make deep down in your unconscious mind.

Later on, this impression will come up to influence your conscious mind especially when you least expect. Here’s a typical example. There are some subliminal images used as adverts in the TV. When you first observe them, your conscious mind can easily ignore them as nothing to be thought about. However, when such images keep re-appearing on daily basis maybe during news or advert sessions, your subconscious mind will be picking the impressions without you knowing it. Later on, such impressions will begin to have serious influence on your conscious thoughts. You might even wake up one day to see yourself repeating the sounds or wordings used in the adverts. The above scenario is exactly what happens when you make use of subliminal images or messages designed to help you achieve a sound and healthy mental system.

Again, you need to discover the best two methods you can engage in using subliminal images. You can either use the visual or audio methods. The visual method involves the use of the subliminal images in the software form while the audio method involves the use of the subliminal messages on CD’s. You can always grab them from bookstores or reliable sources online. You can always enhance your mental system effectively when you use the subliminal images accordingly.

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