After the breakup of a long-term relationship, it is not unusual to feel heartbroken and disillusioned. The person you've loved for so long and was planning to marry with just told you they need out. It is not they have found someone else, they simply no more want you. There are methods you will get your boyfriend or girlfriend to want you back despite what might have caused the breakup.

Be truthful and open in examining any part you might have played in the destruction of the relationship. If things like jealousy and possessiveness were the patterns that drove the love away, these are the things that need to be corrected. If there is any hope of a reconciliation you have to stop the bad habits in the hope of getting your partner to want you again.

It is also smart to get some inclination of how the other person feels in regards to you at this time. There were probably some nasty things said at the height of emotional turmoil, but most often things are said in anger that people do not mean. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will probably be as hurt as you are and time alone allows emotional healing to start. Remember that at one point there was a lot of love between the two of you and all of these feelings don't dissolve immediately.

Healing needs time to work. At the initial time of the breakup negative feelings are running high. Hurt and anger overcomes other feelings. Provide the ex time to resolve these issues. Trying to make contact too early could have the opposite effect in support of bring them further away.

The worst case scenario is always to discover there there is another person in their life. Try not to put a lot of importance on this. It is known that nearly 90% of new relationships don't work out. Normally, this is simply because they were entered into for the wrong reasons anyway. Allow a while for this to fizzle out. The chances of winning back your ex has got the best odds.

Over a period of time, the two of you will be able to begin talking again. It may seem to be a bit strained in the beginning, but as time passes cordiality will become easier. Work hard at keeping a friend status. This may be hard considering how badly you want the relationship to work, but it is important to conceal your romantic feelings at the moment.

Patience never was more essential than now. Discipline yourself to remain the person they fell in love with to begin with. Allow your ex time to fall in love again by peaking their attention. Continue to behave in a positive manner and you'll discover this lost love going back to you.

Keep in mind how vital it is to tread lightly at this point. The steps you are taking at this time can repair or destroy any hope for reconnecting. You required to allow time to pass, but not a lot of time. You must be a friend without being over friendly. If you have done the right things, you'll begin to notice a spark of interest being rekindled.

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