Helping others can come in many forms and sometimes all it takes is an ear to lend to bring back a lost soul. If you are a good listener who can genuinely empathize with and motivate people, perhaps you’d like to consider a counseling psychology certificate. Turn this vocation into a full-time career by completing a short course in counseling. Short courses that do not take more than a year to finish are available today to accommodate individuals who want to try their hand at counseling.

Counselors are currently in demand and expected to enjoy more opportunities in the future. So if you feel you have what it takes to be an effective counselor, now is the best time to follow your heart. Several institutions such as schools, rehabilitation facilities, personal training centers, counseling centers and even private offices are in need of qualified counselors. You may focus on a certain issue, for instance substance abuse or relationships, or become a generalist and attend to a range of concerns.

Note that counseling psychology courses are offered at various levels. Make a choice based on your resources and objectives. Be realistic. Always try to finish what you started. If you are not sure yet if counseling is what you want to do for the rest of your life, avail of the short courses first and get a counseling job to gain experience. You can always enroll in a higher course level once you are certain that this is a worthy career path for you. Studying isn’t exactly cheap so be prudent when signing up.

Your counseling psychology experience can also introduce you to other careers, clinical psychology for example, which you may find more fulfilling or challenging. These fields are quite related but there are differences in training and perspective. One major difference is that in counseling psychology, you will be dealing with (generally) mentally healthy individuals while in clinical psychology you will help people suffering from mental illnesses. Of course, a whole new set of requirements is necessary for this job.

It’s natural to see many windows open once you get your feet wet in counseling and more often than not, these career shifts and advancements require further studies and training. Hence, be prepared to complete more than a counseling psychology diploma when the right time comes. In the meantime, you can take advantage of a short yet comprehensive counseling psychology program.

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