Norland nanny is a popular term used for nannies that graduate from Norland College, Bath. They are trained in the act of child care for three years and have one-year hands-on experience. The cost of hiring a Norland nanny is a bit higher than a regular maid or home nanny; their expertise and professionalism contribute to the pay. A Norland nanny learned the act of caregiving by studying relevant courses, including philosophy, psychology, child health and education, social sciences, and neuroscience. Such a body of knowledge helps them to deliver precise service and not just some guesswork about tendering to one who needs help or care. Operating with preciseness and reliable confidence is one of the core principles of Norland nannies; hence, the importance of getting schooled in the act.


Norland nannies are more professional than regular nannies. They usually belong to an organization that monitors and manages them. Upon requests by customers, an organization in charge of these nannies assigns specific nannies to specific clients. Norland nannies have more prolonged roles in serving their clients, unlike others, which are temporary. Furthermore, they have a particular uniform that distinguishes them, and they are usually employed by people of high class.

Norland nannies assume a more defined role —to care for children and to educate them by virtue of proper training. They do not bother with issues such as home cleaning and cooking. It is not their roles. They are focused, with practices that eschew gossips and backbiting. Hence, they are an excellent choice for people who love to have their lives private and protected.


Their training is entirely on the high side, as they learn both theories and practices of the profession. This is reasonable, because of the class of people they intended to serve. They are trained with dolls with human semblance, which is able to mimic a baby's cries, wetness, and other needs. All these are to get them familiar with the act of caregiving. They also learn self-defence and other life-hacks that would foster survival in precarious predicaments. Despite the rigorous training, their principle of care is always "love never faileth."

Why Should You Hire a Norland Nanny?

You should get a nanny:

● If you want a discrete nanny service
● If you want a nanny with a more permanent role that your kids can get more familiar with
● If you need someone who can formally educate your children
● If you need a highly trained professional

Getting A Norland Nanny

If you are wondering about where to get a good Norland nanny, then you shouldn't worry. All you should do is look for top health organizations that specially manage Norland nannies, such as the HazeltonClive. You can also hit a search on "Norland nannies near me" on your favourite search engine. You should get suggestions about possible nannies near your area.

The price for Norland nannies is relatively high, but worth the job to be done. It may cost about £35,000 in less social communities and could be as high as £60,000 in more open cities such as London.

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