Keeping a continuity in a romantic relationship calls for a lot of efforts and if there are any problems, it needs to be set right immediately. Often the strained romantic relationship is patched up on ad hoc basis with a hope that things will be alright over time. However, it always does not go in that way, and the relationship may turn bitter day by day unless a professional help is sought. One of the best ways to maintain a sweet romantic relationship that can last forever is to explore the Couples Therapy Forest Hills.

Misconceptions surrounding the theory: One of the significant problems that happen when a couple seeks the couple therapy after considerable damage is caused.  Couples Therapy can still be useful to solve long-standing issues of conflicts; the best result is obtained if the treatment is sought at an early stage. In the case of the long-term problems, it will require commitment from both partners and full-hearted co-operation with the therapist to get the best result.

There are misconceptions about couple therapy that can prevent many couples from seeking help from a couple of therapists. Some couple may feel that this therapy is meant only for serious issues related to infidelity or addiction that can affect a relationship. There are others who want to make a last try before ending the relationship forever.

Still, some people find this as a means to force the partner to change.  It is because these people often identify the partner as the root of the problem. Many people do not have a clear idea of the benefits of Couple Therapy and how it can be instrumental in improving individual health and love between the couple.

About Couple Theory: It is a type of psychotherapy often practiced by an LMFT or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for working with couples. The therapy aims to help people engaged in a romantic relationship to resolve serious conflicts, through the use of therapeutic interventions. Though the actual practice of the treatment may vary with the theoretical orientation of the therapist, the central concept of theories remains the same.

  • It focuses on specific problems like jealousy, sexual difficulties, etc.
  • It involves change-oriented, solution-focused interventions for enabling quick result if intervened early
  • It makes active participation of couples with the treatment of the therapist rather than an individual for getting a useful result.

How is the therapy conducted? The Couples Therapy Forest Hills will start with some basic questions to the couples regarding their relationship and explore the family origin of each partner. The pair are further assisted in identifying the issues that are bothering them most, and that will be the focus for the treatment. The couples are helped to gain significant insight into the relational dynamics that help both partners to understand each other in a better way.

Who can benefit from it? This kind of therapy can be beneficial for any relationship like straight, mixed-race, gay, old, young, married, dating or engaged. Couples Therapy is also helpful to resolve a recent problem and can prevent worsening of the issues.  The areas of concerns that are addressed in such theory commonly include parenting, money, sex, health issues, infidelity, frequent conflicts, emotional distance, etc.

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