A bottle cooler basically fulfills the function of cooling drinks, this makes them indispensable in the hospitality business and even, in the face of the demand for cold drinks from its customers, there are also many supermarkets that are incorporating this equipment into their facilities.

A hot beer, a soft drink near freezing ... having drinks at their temperature is one of the most important aspects of the hospitality sector. Other businesses, such as supermarkets or food stores, also need a good refrigerator for their drinks. This is the main function of the bottle cooler, one of the essential devices in a hospitality or supermarket business that wants to keep its beverage products at a good temperature.

There are several types of brands and models you can find when choosing the cooler of bottles suitable. But to choose the one that best suits your demand you have to know some factors as well as the types of chillers that are in the market.

To start, size and capacity are two of the main points to consider. Therefore, it is important to determine the capacity of bottles that are required to store and cool, as well as the volume of drinks that you usually sell in your business. In turn, it is also convenient to know that these devices require ventilation on the sides for proper operation.

The type of cooler we will choose is whether we prefer a cooler under the counter or a vertical one. Although the first one has the advantage of having greater capacity, the second is actually the one that produces the highest consumption of beverages, since it shows them to the consumer. The quality of the door of the cooler is also important, as it is what will guarantee to get the temperature we need. You can find sliding doors or doors that open outwards.

Finally, the temperature range available to the beverage cooler is decisive. However, it must be considered that some drinks require colder than others, so you will have to choose an average. The recommended is 4ºC.

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