With big profit potential, the forex market is the right place to invest your money, but it also posses high degree of risk as well, so having the right forex trading education is the right way to start your trading career. Of course, you can start right away by utilizing automated trading system, but it is always better to learn how it works first before tossing your money in.

Usually, forex trading education provide complete range of theories and strategies for their students to master, but this approach only make then even more confused. Contrary to what people (or the trainer) commonly believe, tossing a bunch of theories on their students won't make them learn faster. Learning the basis first is common sense and you'll have to do it, but teaching scalper strategies to someone who just barely grasp the concept of lot size and pips difference will only encourage him to drop the education program halfway.

If you find that the course/education program only confuse you even more and doesn't worth your time, throw it away and learn from a simpler and better course. Here are what you should be looking for:

1. Keep it simple
To be a successful trader, there is no need to study all strategies and trading systems known to men since the forex market exist. The course should have one or two proven strategies to pull winning trades from the forex market and those are what you need to master; remember that learning too much strategies will only caused “analysis paralysis”, a state where you're stuck because the strategies are contradict each other. So, familiarize yourself with the fundamental, master the proven strategies, and test it right away. It is that simple.

The best way to test it is open a demo account in an online forex broker. They are scattered throughout the internet and you probably have seen the massive advertisement in the form of banner, text ads, and so on. Some of them are scam brokerages and some other don't even regulated by official financial authority, but for now it doesn't matter. All that you need is their demo account where you can live test various forex trading strategies. I suggest you choose a broker that use MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform.

2. Practice comes after theories
If your trainer keep filling your brain with theories after theories, you will fall quickly due to information overflow and boredom. The right way to do it is practice after each theories; this is where the demo account will be useful. Everything that you need in trading forex is provided in your trading platform, thus you can use it to test and practice many things.

What you really need is not forex trading education program that fill your brain with 101 theories and strategies; instead, you should get a set of lessons that strictly limited in what you really need to survive and generate steady profits in forex trading.

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