Excerpt from the book 'The Visible & Invisible Worlds of God':

The physical worlds, planetary systems and universes are connected through energetic and electro-magnetic lines and grids which overlap in such a way as to unite homogeneously. They all converge at one Source, the original Universal Creator-Source from which all Life springs. No world can be sustained outside these energetic fields or without the rhythmic breath and pulse of this Creator-Source.

All existence, physical and non-physical, has consciousness to a varying degree and due to its electro-magnetic nature, it must travel and communicate through energetic lines. A Thought or a Force, for example, has a vibrational frequency which requires the use of grids and matrixes to travel from one physical point to another. Thought is communicated within your planet, and with other planets, galaxies and universes through these energetic lines. While invisible to you, these communications and broadcasts are actual and incessant allowing the maintenance of a Thought / Mind balance within your planet and your neighboring worlds.

All humans begin life here. You may say that Earthly existence is the beginning of life experience and from here, your mind expands until it is able to handle higher realities. Due to the bending of cosmic light which refracts against your Earth’s electro-magnetic grid, your physical reality appears as a spectrum of fixed colors which in turn determines your capacity to observe life as finite, configured to restricted meanings you can comprehend.

The denser the atmosphere the cosmic light must infiltrate the more fractured or distorted it becomes. Since it is energy, it is also consciousness and carries information. The light bending and refraction that occur within your system allows only a portion of the eternal reality and information of the cosmos to be perceived. In that sense, you only perceive a distorted version of the Truth. While your potential is eternal, your experience begins in what thus appears to be a limited and controllable setting. It is “illusory”, indeed.

If physical reality was to be perceived by a spirit being, it would appear fluid, in constant motion, eternally active. The rate of vibration of each object perceived equals its composing elements and density but their vibrational frequency can only be perceived as static energy from a human perspective: a table or an automobile, for example, are in fact minute vibrating particles of one form of energy in constant motion, while you perceive them as solid material objects. That is the nature of physical or material reality.

From the Spirit’s multi-dimensional perspective, physical reality also appears in layers as follows:
• First layer: The concept / idea
• Second layer: The expression / language
• Third layer: The frequency / energetic manifestation / emotion
• Fourth layer: the object / physical manifestation

When “flattened”, these layers are one and the same thing. The process of making the idea into an object is spontaneous for divine beings but for humans, all 4 layers must be processed through the energetic grids of time and space in order to materialize the idea into the object.

Before you appear in the physical, you project your consciousness into a multitude of layers of existence and a range of vibrational frequencies. Your brain waves’ frequency determines which layer you are experiencing at that time: when you are focused on physical matters, your brain waves fluctuate from 14 to 30 cycles per second; when you are asleep, your brain waves are vibrating at 1 to 4 cycles per second... You are the same being existing in these multitudes of layers or dimensions, as you may call them. You are simply switching focus from one layer to another. While you may think that only physical reality is real, your consciousness exists at once in physical and non-physical layers of reality which are all real. You are multi-dimensional beings indeed.

From a Spirit perspective, there are no layers, illusions or veils. These concepts exist in the human perceptual fields. The Divine Mind or Spirit sees reality as light while humans can only see it through emotions and sensory perception. This perceptual impediment IS the veil we speak of. Continuous negative emotions can become obstructions to your advancement because the layers or veils of physical reality begin to thicken. When confronted with fear or anger for example, you are unable to see beyond these emotional veils unless you address the factors behind them and identify their origins and purpose.

Emotions are a primordial tool in recognizing what feels good and what does not as you interact with the physical world. Your Spirit Self uses emotions as a guidance system while you navigate through the physical. They are precursors to choice and decision making. Therefore emotions are not only necessary but crucial to your spiritual and creative evolution. Additionally, emotions are the tools by which you are able to “purge” the detrimental energies being accumulated or stored in your physical body and transmute them into beneficial thought forms. The emotions of anger or strong sadness allow you to experience negative feelings powerfully so you may re-channel them appropriately. Rather than suppressing these emotions, it is more constructive to embrace and utilize them as powerful tools in reshaping your experience.

When you become able to assimilate the original idea and the physical manifestation as one, you can materialize everything you think of instantly. At that stage, you are piercing through the veils of your physicality and thinking ideas into existence, without the emotional stumble blocks. Such is the work of the Masters but it is in fact a natural process for all evolutionary material beings once they learn to transcend physical reality’s layered and illusionary properties.

Author's Bio: 

Caroline Cory is a Futurist and a Teacher of Consciousness Studies, Spirituality and Energy Medicine. She is an International Speaker, Author and the Founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing.

Caroline currently teaches her work through tele-classes, webinars and live events. Her Energy-Transfer Experience-Based teaching method is unique and covers a variety of subjects that include: Mind Mastery, Spiritual Alignment and Connection to Source, DNA reconfiguration, various Zero Point alignment techniques, vibrational entrainment among other cutting edge techniques that enhance spontaneous healing and organic learning.

She also conducts group healings through world webcasts reaching thousands of people in 92 countries around the globe who regularly report their deep cellular transformation and the spontaneous reversal of imbalances.