Any idea that pops into your head and makes you excited is a good one. How do you know that you should follow through on that idea? Trust yourself, take action and you’ll get your evidence.

Your inner guidance only gives you ideas that you have the resources and ability to create. To help you see the manifestation of the idea, I’ve got a couple of guidelines that will make the process easy, fun and profitable.

Here’s how to flow your ideas into profit:

1. Idea pops
2. Get excited pondering the possibilities
3. More ideas pop
4. Write down your brainstorm
5. Take one inspired action to make it real
6. Time opens up for you to take more action
7. Map out simple one-page plan to take idea to market
8. Progress is made
9. Create simple plan to launch into the marketplace
10. Allow excitement to bubble up about this idea making waves in the marketplace
11. Follow through with your plan with extreme confidence

There are only two things that could stop a good idea from being wildly successful. You don’t believe that your idea is hot or you don’t believe that you’re hot enough to make it happen.

Money, intelligence, time and lack of visibility in your marketplace are not reasons to back away from an idea.

If you allow yourself to get caught up in the excitement of this juicy idea, you will be guided to every single thing you need to make it happen.

To ensure profitability, once your confidence is up to par and you’ve axed your excuses, create a buzz. If you think the idea is hot, then the rest of the world needs to hear all about it.

Buzz is energy. Buzz is spoon-feeding the world what YOU want them to hear, see and feel about your fantabulous idea! You deliberately create anticipation and excitement.

The only way buzz can be generated is if you totally get that your idea is so hot that people will miss out if they don’t get on board. And the only way you can feel that excited about it is to make sure that you do what you do in excellence. When your idea goes from paper to completion you have to be proud of what you’ve created.

If you feel any apprehension, it’s a buzz kill.

Be proud of your creation. Is it a perfect fit for your entire market? No. But it will appeal to your five-star clients.

I guarantee that you have at least three super hot ideas inside your head right now. You don’t have to act on them all at once. That would send you into overwhelm. But I highly recommend that you begin moving forward on at least one new idea this week while injecting your complete enthusiasm into the creation.

Remember, the level of sizzle is determined by you. The world doesn’t have to agree for it to be successful. Your ideal market will eat it up. That’s all that matters.

Hot, Baby, HOT! Yeeeoooww!

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