Dream – the word is both a noun and a verb.

This life, for some, is simply another dream you wake to.

And this is found in the Huna, explained by Serge Kahili King through his "Mastering Your Hidden Self."

And this can change any conventional idea of what your or my dreams may mean.

While that gives us some improved workability, it also has drawbacks.

You see, the laws that govern our universe are the same as when we created them. And since we say they are “laws”, it means we and all who inhabit our dreams are subject to them. Now this turns everything upside down, but the concept we are open-mindedly accepting that all the world is a dream.

I can see where you are coming from. Sorry.

Now taking this concept that life is only a dream, it makes the world a much less serious place - since we are then only playing in our dream as a game.

Here's my logic:

You can find in King's book an interesting chapter on dream interpretation and finding meanings. Of course, he points out that this is all very wide open. As well, he makes the statement that we apparently dream all the time. So if you just sit quietly and release all thoughts, you'll soon find yourself in a day-dream.

Now while we don't have to go there, this brings up an interesting idea promoted by Burt Goldman in his Quantum Jumping, that we actually live in multiple dimensions at the same time. This is similar to the idea that we are living in multiple dreams simultaneously.

Now a point you might want to consider is that point of life being just a dream - and that it can mean anything you want. In this, you don't have to worry about or fear death any longer. Like other dreams you may have had, this one can be more prosperous, happier, and generally better than others. That in turn may depend on how much responsibility you take for every action you take.

If you then pile on top of this another ancient concept - that "There are no limits." Which means, we are all connected to each other - this can give you a very fascinating viewpoint on how to live your life-dream from here on out.

You may find that this is an easier approach to finding your own purpose in life, or achieving any number of personal goals you may have set recently, or in days past. And knowing your purpose gives a different idea of meaning to your dreams.

From here on out, it's really up to you to live your dreams just as you want to. You can find whatever meaning you like as well - all your choice.

As there are no limits, you can have any amount of solutions or inspirations to solve any and all manner of problems in your life – as well as helping others around you to solve their own particular problems. That, of course is one very good reason to study your own dreams. Inspiration and intuition are priceless.

And this doesn’t particularly help you with your dream analysis – but it might help you simply have more fun in finding your own meaning to this dream we call living…

Author's Bio: 

Known for extensive writing in self-help and personal development, Dr. Robert C. Worstell (see author interview) has just published a New Age fiction book, "The Dreamer Dreamed" which explores the concept of what do my dreams mean, among other ideas. This book employs his wide understanding of various spiritual meaning books and research.