Boots are a hallmark of the fall season! Women everywhere flock to the best stores to pick up the hottest trends. They can either make or break your look depending on what you're going for. I know what you’re thinking.

How? How can boots break your entire outfit?

Whether you believe it or not, boots and shoes, in general, are the hallmark of any outfit. This is where we see individual style shine through! And whether you like it or not, your boots speak volumes about your personality or how you feel at the time. If you think about it, people tend to comment on shoes before anything else you wear. Now that I’ve mentioned that, you’ll subconsciously be thinking about that now. Sorry! Take that little nugget and use this season to up your “shoe game.” Find cuts and fabrics to complement your style. Fall is one of the most playful times to change up your look. Take advantage of this time to let your boots do the talking!

Try these styles on for size and see how they make you feel.

The Thigh High Boot

Thigh high boot scream “sexy!” This high cut boot demands attention from anyone and everyone. What really sets this look off is the fabric you choose. These boots look best in the patent leather and leather look. I would also stick to one solid color. This boot says that you’re a sexy, confident, and, dare I say, undercover vixen. Women that wear this style are there to make a statement and no matter what it is, chances are, you’ll always listen!

The Short Bootie

These boots scream fun! Women who love this style are generally always down for a good time. These boots look great in almost every fabric and shade. It’s such a versatile look and that’s exactly what this look says about your personality or feeling that day. It says you’re fun, outgoing, and don’t take life too seriously.

The Mid-Calf Boot

Mid-calf cut boots say “I’m cute and all, but I have work to do.” They hit just below the knee. It’s a mix of understated sexy and woman on a mission. This look can pretty much pull off any fabric or shade. This woman wants to look good, but get her work done at the same time. She wastes no time and always has a plan. She’s a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done kind of girl! We all know a woman like that. We may even be that woman from time to time, and these boots fit your mood perfectly!

The Knee High Boot

These flirty boots come just above the knee. This cut is for the woman of many faces. She is sometimes in the mood for fun, business, or relaxation. Either way, it’s her prerogative. She can do what she wants! This is the most versatile boot when it comes to cut, color, and pattern. That is exactly what this style says about the woman. When you narrow it down, she’s different. As they say on Instagram, she’s the woman that can do both!

The Flat Boot

Now, there are two types of flat boots we can look at here. The riding boot, which has a flat sole and a high cut. And the flat boot with a cushioned sole and an ankle cut. The riding boot is for just that…Riding. That look says you like to ride horses. That’s it! But, the other flat boot makes a different statement. It says you have a level of sport to you and a certain “cool” factor. This is the girl that everybody can relate to and everyone wants to be around. She’s the girl next door. She doesn’t overtly express her sexy or “boss” sides, but you can tell that deep down inside, she’s one to look out for.

Now, you know exactly what your boots say! Change up your style using this guide and see how it changes your mood. These different looks can evoke the feeling you are going for that day or emphasize who you already are. The beauty of style is, you can change it up whenever you want. After all, we’re women. We’re allowed to change our minds!

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By: Alisha Long