We all know that the shoes we wear say a lot about our personality. However, the researchers made it official in 2012 with a brief publish that you can judge a person by it wears. In this study, participants were shown images of strangers wearing different cloth and shoes. They were asked to guess their gender, income, ages, social status, and political views. 90% of participants were correct in guessing the characteristics of strangers.


High heel shoes sum up your personality in one word, which is no other than Confident.  If you choose high heels, means you are more confident about your personality and look. However, there are many types of heels that show different things about personality. Such as;


If someone is wearing Pumps you might feel that the lady has the leadership abilities. She can take charge or supervise the whole Team. She who wears shows are much more self-confident and has much strong personality. A girl with Pumps shoes shows that she has the courage to take care of the business in a do-and-die situation.

Sporty Sneakers

If you know a lady wearing sporty sneakers, you might see Goal-oriented and organized abilities in her too. This also means that the girl has a busy schedule and she is good too at multitasking. Sleep is the only time when she takes a break.  She prefers to be comfortable rather than to please someone with her style.


Girls with Flat shoes are more in love with pink things and poms. They are treated as sweat and friendly by men. The girl wears whatever she feels comfortable in.


The girls who wear boots are those who don’t care about things that much. Usually, their motto is  “GO with the flow and see where life takes you .” These boots can make you feel confident and comfortable. This type of footwears also shows that you are determined, no one can stop you from achieving your GOAL. You are a strong and tough-minded lady, in your discussion, no one can deceive you due to your strong opinion.

Kitten Heels

Footwears like kitten heels show that you are an old soul with a great mind and choices. Your friend might ask you for a walk, but you might prefer staying at home inside your knitted blanket. Social media is completely out of the time where you live.

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