The main brokerage calculator in India is Zerodha. They come into prominence once you need to calculate profit or loss with any security type. It is known to provide outstanding level of services to their clients. Being a broker it charges brokerage to their traders and even before placing an order on the platform it becomes easy for a trader to calculate their brokerage. This works out to be beneficial in planning trades or execution in trades along with financial management. In the domain of capital management it also has a prominent role.

On the trading platform intraday along with delivery is the common type of orders being placed? Most of the brokers charge less on intraday trades in comparison to delivery orders. Whereas some brokers go on to charge flat rates on all the transactions. This brokerage calculator estimates the charges on BSE and NSE platforms. Not only the charges specified by the broker but other charges like SEBI or clearing charges are also illustrated.

Zero intraday brokerage calculator

It has been mentioned that on the Zerodha calculator page on the website all the charges are clearly mentioned. A contract note with all essential details is specified. They go on to charge Rs 20 for every buying or selling transaction. It means that for a single purchase or sell on intraday you will be charged Rs 40. Apart from this there are other charges that can also be levied. Though this is different in case of NSE and BSE stock exchanges.

Zerodha delivery brokerage calculator

Once again brokerage is calculated on delivery trades. But here the charges are relatively high as compared to intraday trades. The calculator also goes on to specify the charges in NSE and BSE stock exchanges.

Zerodha commodity brokerage calculator

On the Zerodha platform commodities can also be traded. The charges are similar to NSE stock exchanges. You can compare them to the equities of a broker. Silver, gold and crude oil are the popular commodities. A point to consider is commodities are traded in derivative forms. For a small trader they can use mini lots if the capital is on the smaller side. Here the profit tends to be on the smaller side once you compare it to the mega lots.

Once commodity trading is provided by the company it becomes easy for an investor to diversify their portfolio. With commodity you can trade in securities along with options. Once again the brokerage is applicable in a same way as compared to equities.

BO and CO brokerage calculator of Zerodha

The company provides an opportunity to place orders under BO and CO. This order type is going to help orders with a trigger price, stop loss and even set a target. On both BO and CO orders there are not any form of brokerage charges which is applicable

To sum it up the brokerage calculator tools of Zerodha are beastly described where all details are specified. It enables traders to calculate profits along with losses easily.

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