There’s something special about that stuff called fish oil. Did you know that modern humanity might have actually split off from its earlier ancestors because its members had started consuming it as part of their new seafood diet? Many of our ancestors in the East African Rift Valley began to start eating fish, and intelligence flourished as a result.
Believe it or not, fish oil is truly a critical part of what makes you smart. Your brain is actually made of about 60% DHA, one of two key Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish. It is now considered to be likely that fats and oils from fish, which are still a major part of our current brains, were the catalyst that made us smart.

There are many benefits of fish oil, but along the lines of your brain, one important help of this oil is the treatment of dementia and depression. While dementia is not preventable or curable, there is evidence that it can be improved by consuming this oil. Dementia can also be controlled and have symptoms minimized by practicing healthy habits and removing bad habits like smoking, inflammation, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. The most notable gain can be found from a healthy diet and regular exercise.

When it comes to depression, taking fish oil can actually improve your mood and stabilize it. In other words, you are bound to feel less depressed and have less of an emotional rollercoaster when you are taking it. Depression causes symptoms like sadness, fatigue, difficulty thinking and concentrating, lessened appetite, insomnia, thoughts of suicide, and hopelessness. Having a higher level of EPA in the blood has been linked to better regulation of symptoms in the elderly.

Other research has demonstrated that most chronic diseases are affected by an imbalance in eicosanoids. Eicosanoids affect the heart, the mind, and even your emotions. Further benefits of fish oil include a reduction in inflammation, which is a significant cause of most chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Fish oil also helps with the heart by improving cholesterol and keeping blood thin, while also helping to unclog arteries!

While most of these conditions are partly out of your control––some factors like genetics play a role––you can tip the scale in your favor by taking reasonable precautions and working hard to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Whatever you can’t do, you can expect that this oil will help make up the difference, because it has nutrients that help minimize your risk of all sorts of unwanted diseases and conditions that might pop up later on.

Now that you know the benefits of fish oil, it would also be a good idea to limit your intake to only pharmaceutical-grade. As beneficial as the Omega-3 essential fatty acids are for your body, the toxins and contaminants so prevalent in modern fish are not so beneficial. Pharmaceutical-grade oil is a concentrated form of essential fatty acids minus all of that bad stuff.

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