Brand awareness these days has really exploded. It is possible to put your brand, logo or name onto anything. While it used to be just clothing, pens and coffee mugs that had logos on them, it now seems like there is no limit.

Novelty items are now branded and given as corporate gifts. You can get your brand on a back massage tool, bendy figurines, mouse pads, seed sticks, usb sticks, cd holders, and everything else you would prefer.

You can even brand everyday items which most people would not know what they even are, if you just told them the name of the product. The names of products like lanyards, or compendiums, do not really make it into many people's vocabularies, but the probably have a few of these items with someone's branding on them. So let's explain what these two items actually are.

Firstly, lanyards are the things that go around your neck or wrist, that can have other small items attached. These are commonly identification tags, keys, access cards or other similar items. They have become very popular in recent years. There was a time when they were only used at events like conferences, but now many people enjoy carrying their house keys for example on them, because it makes them more difficult to lose.

Compendiums are traditionally leather business folders that allow you to store important items in one convenient and professional looking place. The most common business tools that you will find inside are writing pads, pans, business cards, calendar, and anything else that is important for you to carry around to meetings and appointments.

If your compendium has your logo or other branding on the outside, it helps to establish your company as professional, organised and dedicated to longevity.

Such promotional items are often given to retailers by their suppliers, to help their brand stand out from the competitors. Whether it is staff in a shoe store with name tag hanging from a Nike lanyard, or a tool salesman with a Makita compendium, it is all about gaining a competitive advantage through clever branding.

One thing that will always remain important in the world of branding is to be creative. Coming up with new ideas to get your brand name out there is what branding agencies all around the world are trying to do.

One thing they will generally all agree on though is to keep your branding consistent. That means that the logo, colours and the fonts for example that you use are the same throughout your marketing campaigns, because this helps the consumer recognise and relate to your brand easily.

I hope that you have either added a few new words in your vocabulary, namely, lanyard and compendium, or at least gained an idea or two while relating this information back to your own business.

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