To answer this question about stress statistics, quite bluntly, Stress is a universal condition that is known around the world. Affecting many different people in just as many different ways, such as building self-confidence, stress has become one of the top health issues in the world today.

Who Suffers From Stress?

A study that was released in 2005 by the American Psychological Association presented some very startling stress related statistics. It found that the six leading causes of death at that time, accidents, suicide, lung ailments, heart disease, cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver, could all be linked back to stress. At that time stress-related issues were the reasons for a full two thirds of visits to the family doctor. Sixty four percent of Americans were working on lowering the amount of stress that they dealt with on a daily basis.
The study also concluded that adverse health issues in forty three percent of adults could be related back to the stress in their lives. Since the time of that study there have been improvements in how doctor's properly identify negative stressors and diagnose stress related issues. The numbers to day would probably be much more startling.

Global Stress Issues

While it may always seem that we have it rough here at home stress is a worldwide issue. Speaking on a global scale stress touches nearly every home no matter how big or how small. According to a study that was done by the Foundation for Integrated Research In Mental Health in 2007 some numbers stood out quite starkly.
They found that on a global scale more than three fifths of all doctor visits were from issues due to stress. They also found that when examined globally almost a quarter of business executives and professionals reported extremely high levels of stress.

When broken down by gender it was found that the women reported generally higher levels than their male counterparts. One issue that has played a large part in the enormous increases in stress related illness has been the need for mothers to enter the workforce. The same study found that the highest levels of stress worldwide were felt by mothers who had children that were less than thirteen years old and were required to work full time.

It also found that out of these mothers one in four of them dealt with stress on nearly a daily basis. The world economy has become a much more harsh environment than it once was. By placing a demand on mothers requiring them to have to work as well as taking care of the family it has caused the number of stress related issues to skyrocket.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Having gathered, sorted, and quantified the data what do researchers intend to do with the information? With the changing nature of stress according to each person's tactile environment it is extremely difficult to know when or even if a solution to the problem of stress will ever be at hand. The main drive of researchers is currently focused on treating the symptoms of stress as well as the harmful effects that stress can cause.

Maybe one day we will reach a point where stress can be a treatable or even curable condition. Until then we each must hold on the best we can and reach for better days.

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