Osteoporosis is the problem related to the bones. As the name of the disease suggests it means porous bones. The bones become porous and cause osteoporosis. Many old people are noted to be suffering with the osteoporosis. But, nowadays even the young people are noted to be suffering with the problems of the osteoporosis. This makes the bones weak and the person suffers with the fractures very easily. The bones become porous due to the hollow-like spaces that are formed due to the deficiency of some minerals. Once you suffer with the osteoporosis you are at the high risk of the arthritis specifically osteoarthritis. You need to take good care of your bones when you suffer with the osteoporosis because there is high risk of fractures.

The scarcity of the essential minerals is one of the factors that contribute to the osteoporosis in the people. Bones require necessary amount of the calcium and phosphorous for the normal growth. If your body doesn’t get proper amount of the calcium and phosphorous then the bones development fails which results in the osteoporosis. The person at the initial stage don’t know about the osteoporosis, but later on he starts getting fractures very commonly. Even the pain in the bones is being noted as the preliminary symptom of the osteoporosis.

The inadequate amount of the Vitamin D in the body also results in the osteoporosis. Vitamin D is essential in the process of the calcium and phosphorous absorption. The insufficient amount of Vitamin D results in deficiency of calcium and phosphorous, which causes osteoporosis. For avoiding the deficiency of the Vitamin D it is suggested to take the sun bath specifically in the morning sunlight.

Hereditary is being noted to be one of the factors that is being linked to the osteoporosis. The person whose one of the parents is suffering with the osteoporosis is double the times prone to this disease. The percentage suffering with this type of osteoporosis is very low. Old age is another factor that makes the bones porous. During the old age the inadequate amount of minerals are supplied to the brain, which ultimately leads to the osteoporosis. As per the research studies conducted all over the world, women are noted to develop the osteoporosis more than men.

If you have the history of the broken bones then you are at high risk of osteoporosis. Once the bone is broken then it is very difficult to make it perfect again. The formation of the hollow spaces is faster in the broken bones. So, you must take the more care of broken bones to avoid osteoporosis. The intake of alcohol and smoking can increase your chances of suffering with osteoporosis. The carcinogenic substances that enter through the smoke put the negative impact on the bones. The bones get brittle due to this and they broke easily. Even alcohol disturbs the supply of the essential nutrients to the bones making you prone to the osteoporosis.

Low estrogen levels in the body is one of the major contributing factors towards the occurrence of the osteoporosis. The estrogen functions mainly to protect the bones from any external damage. In women the osteoporosis formation is noted more commonly because the fast decrease in the estrogen levels is being noted during the menopause phase. Women are noted to lose the bone mass at the rate of 4-8% every year after there ovaries stop producing estrogen. If your ovaries are removed then you are at high risk of suffering with the osteoporosis. In men also low levels of testosterone is noted to cause osteoporosis. So, these all factors singly or altogether leads to the occurrence of the obesity.

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