So as everyone else I continue to hear that things are going bad in the economy. More and more it’s being reported that programs are suffering and budgets are being cut. People are getting stressed, even though they are working, wondering what is around the corner. Who can blame anyone for thinking about this?

What happens when there is a lot of negative talk or energy is that the mind picks up on it and mulls it over whether consciously or unconsciously. That’s what brains do. They are much lot a computer and will take in all information presented without deciding if it is correct or not. Then decisions will be made on the programs in the computer or in this case the brain. It will not decide if the information, like stated here, is correct information but instead just use the information. Thus, this is often why mistakes can occur.

So since the brain is a computer what information are we going to put in it to use? The brain is a solver, it loves to solve problems. But it can only do that with the information it has. Until of course it is given new information. Ask the questions whether in a team situation or individually. How do you want the situation to turn out? What can be done to correct what is going on now? What goals want to be reached? How is the best way to get there?

It is the same with a team member. Say there is a task that needs to be changed or the way of doing it needs to be changed. Ask the questions. How can we do this better? What can you do as a team member to correct the task? What is in the way? How can we get the block out of the way? What would help the situation? Having the team member or team involved goes a long way.

Anytime there is anything that is not working think about how you would like it to be. Be specific. This opens the brain to start thinking about solutions. Without redirection it will get stuck and simply think about the current situation.


This is the chance like no other for people to give themselves the time and energy that each deserves. There are now life coaches that not only assist people with self but also with business, projects, and home life. Being self aware is the key to having life run smoother. This includes business and anything else a person needs to run or get done.

Self awareness means that a person is in touch with the person inside as well as out. It means that a person knows how he or she will react in a situation, knows how to make a decision, and knows the ways that motivate self. In fact most of the motivation comes from the person because the individual knows what is satisfying and knows when a good job has been completed. A self aware person also knows what stops activity and can adjust so this does not occur.

By being aware the person knows and can see the types of things that bring joy, happiness, and the ways to enjoy life because they notice what's going on inside. This makes a person calmer at work, focused at work, and probably had the person pick a job that would be enjoyable. It these kinds of things that allow a self aware person to not get caught up in the trivia of the workplace. Instead the person is concentrating on getting done the jobs that will have the momentum continue to go forward. The outcome is the reward and the focus is put there.

And when things go wrong it is usually the self aware person that recognizes this the fastest. Something usually doesn’t feel right and this person trusts this feeling and if nothing more takes a look at what is going on. What’s great about this is that adjustments can be made more quickly thus keeping on track more easily. The self aware person also seems to stay more positive even when things go wrong.

In team situations it is a great service to the members of the team to have them be aware of their strengths and things to practice. I don’t like to use weaknesses because that takes it too far. Teaching them to evaluate their own performance can be very productive but be aware that people are hardest on themselves. However self aware people seem to be kinder to themselves. They know mistakes happen and it doesn’t have to be detrimental. Just maybe a little more practice.

Also the people of a team need to be aware of each other and how each fits into the team. Maybe it is better said to be aware. Aware of yourself, aware of each other, and aware of how it all fits together.

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Liz Cosline
SongofOneUnexpectedLife - S.O.U.L.

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