In order to gain something we must first let go of something. This is a law of life. To lose weight for example, we must first let go of what is making us fat or out of shape. To be debt free we must cut back on the things that put us into debt in the first place. We must change our ways. All of us have dreams that we would like to see come true. But what are we willing to sacrifice to make them a reality?

Let us first find out what a sacrifice is. By definition a sacrifice is the surrender of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

For our dream to come true we must evaluate what is most important to us. Please remember a dream of any quality or value is manifested one step at a time. Like a tree growing from a sapling, so a dream grows a little each day as we invest our time and energy into it. The moment we stop nuturing it, our dream stops growing. If we abandon it, our dream will wither and die.

What is your dream and what are you doing right now to acheive it? What sort of daily sacrifices are you making in homage to fulfilling your dream? Right now, you can make it grow by leaps and bounds! Pick up a notebook and a pen. Begin writing down in a two sentences or less what your dream is. Secondly, list ten things you are doing or could be doing in order to acheive your dream. One major sacrifice is the element of time. We always...ALWAYS make time for what or who we put first. You must first know exactly what you want. We must define our dream as webster's dictionary defines a word. Be SPECIFIC!!
Do not just say...I want to be rich and wealthy. I want to own some sort of business. I want to meet the right mate. Ask yourself these basic questions. What do I want? Where do I get it? Who can help me get it? Why do I want it? When can I start? How can I acheive it? Take time to search your heart. The human heart is whispering to us everyday. Listen to it.
Lastly, making sacrifices to acheive something should never be based on feelings. Feelings have need of a master to control them. That master is our mind. There is a wonderful song by Michael Jackson. It is called "Man in the Mirror." Each one of us must look candidly in the mirror and say without reservation...What am I sacrificing my dream...for?

Author's Bio: 

David Wayne Thompson is a writer, speaker, author, actor and artist. He currently resides in Michigan with his family.