There have been many times in my business where I have felt "Stumped" and "Stagnant" & it's at those times that I take a close look at what is holding me back!

There are so many 'options' out there today for business's and ways to 'grow your business', 'make money online' etc... that many people get themselves into a state of "Overwhelment" and then the funny thing that happens is this..."Nothing" gets done/accomplished.

One of my favourite history stories is about Hernando Cortez, who crushed the Aztec Empire. He made their level of committment 'essential' by burning his armies boats, so they had 'no choice' but to move ahead. To move towards their goal with no 'other options'.

This is definitely a story that I think about and ponder when I'm in that 'stagnant' stage. I give myself permission to 'Look at where I am at' and 'who I am being'. I know that my level of committment is being hindered by the boats (or our lame exuses) that I am hanging on to!

Once I have clearly identified the boats (exuses) I give myself permission to burn them down & give myself no other option than to "move forward".

I highly encourage you right now to think of where you are in your business & if you are happy with your level of success/income/business development...are you 100% happy with it? If not, then you need to identify what your boats/exuses are, write them down, then have a good old 'burning session'.

"The key to to let go of Fear!" Roseanne Cash

Start right now to get rid of too many options, and move yourself forward 'one option at a time'.

Jody Maley

Author's Bio: 

Jody is a WAHM and has been leading other ladies in their chosen field of business for the past 15 yrs! She is a mom of six, an Accomplished ToastMaster, and has a passion for helping other women find their 'aha' moments!

Jody is owner of the new website where she blogs about day to day issues with other moms in raising children, having your own business and how to "Blend" it all!