The goal of the majority of gym users is to build muscle and to lose fat simultaneously. Often a newbie to bodybuilding will say that their goals is to build muscle and burn fat. here we will talk about ways to go about chieving this.

So, is it actually possible to build muscle up and burn fat?

Well, yes is the answer to that one. However there is a but and that is so as it is a very awkward thing to do. If you want to burn fat and build muscle then you must be very careful when you work out how many calories youneed to eat and then keep to that amount strictly.

Why should we do that? The reason we have to do that is because if you want to gain only muscle and no fat you have to consume just enough calories to support muscle growth but not so many that you will have too much excess calories that get stored as fat.

Can I work out how many calories are required to do this?

Yes you can, but most of the calculations are not exact and indeed are based on the general population. this measn that they are often not that accurate a most people do not conform to the norm, particularly in terms of the speed of their bodies metabolism which greatly affects the amount of calories you need to consume. If you do want to make this calculation then google ' Katch-McArdle muscle building nutrition formula'.

Is this way the best?

No, a far easier method to build muscle and burn fat is to break it down into a two step process. this means you would spend 3-6 months bulking up and focussing purely on gaining muscle mass and not worrying to much about gaining excess fat. This is then followed by a ripping and losing body fay period of around another 3-6 months.

This way is a lot easier because losing weight and gaining muscle are actually opposites so by attempting to do just one of thes at a time you stand a much better chance of succeeding. This is one of the best weight gain tips around.

Whilst you may still wish to work out how many calories you should be eating as a minimum you requirement to build muscle up you do not have to worry about going over this amount thus making it easier to achieve. If you take on to little amount of calories then you may lose fat but you are never gong to build muscle, so overall a two step plan is much more effective and reliable.

When all is said and done you can adopt either method and get the same results however most experienced weight trainers will recommend the two step approach as it is the simplest and most straigh forward to get fast results with. One excellent program entitled burn the fat feed the muscle can be found here which guides you through the entire above process.

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