Surrender. Well, for those of us with current or lingering control issues - this is by far one of the toughest legs of our spiritual journey. To let go, to hand over, to release, or more precisely, to relinquish; therein lies the source of most of the difficulties we experience day-to-day.

The very act of looking outside of ourselves for an answer (any answer) by definition indicates that we believe someone outside of us, has some deep knowledge of who we are, our deepest dreams and secrets. By the same token, we also seem to think that we are only lacking knowledge in "some" areas of our manifested realities. Specifically, we seem to think that once we decide what it is that we want, or don't want and put our manifestation energies to work that we can then also control exactly "how" everything will show up (or disappear) as we "consciously create our lives". HA! What absolute crap!

The first thing we need to own is that we actually do have access to infinite knowledge and there is absolutely no requirement to look outside of ourselves for "our" answers - I realize that not all of us are quite there yet, but the inability to access the knowledge due to lack of trust or an unwillingness to listen, doesn't negate the fact that we have access to it. The second thing we need to understand is that it is unbelievably arrogant for us to believe that we can even begin to perceive of every possible way that something can come into being, and it is even more arrogant for us to think that we, of course, know which one of these infinite possibilities is the best one for us. Silly humans!

So, while many of us create a false sense of power through control, in the context of creating our own realities, the illusion of control is actually a self-limiting activity. This particular lesson became powerfully clear to me as I stepped out of my "corporate job" to commit fully to being a healer. I was spending more than half of my days racing through hundreds of scenarios for how to bridge the money gap as I moved from one reality to the next. So, I released...let go...relinquished all of the anxiety, concerns, fears, etc. to Spirit. Cool thing happened. First, I felt free - especially stress-free! But what is more interesting is what has shown up since then. If you don't believe that opportunities can't fall out of the sky I can assure you they can! The key is not in standing and watching the sky for the opportunity to fall ('cause guess what? That's trying to control the "how"!) The key is to let go of the belief that you have any control over "how" something will come to pass. Stop thinking things to death - focus on the "what", see the end result, feel it, make it real in your mind, talk as if it is already real. Then simply be "aware" - as the possibilities for manifestation will show up, but you need to be prepared to recognize it and act on it when it does.

Control is an illusion, true power is with Spirit - be open and willing to hand this incredibly miraculous and complex job of "how" to the master of the Universe. And for those of you who already realize that you are Spirit - trust in your higher self!

Enjoying the Journey! ~Trish

Author's Bio: 

Author, Spiritual Coach, Speaker and Adventurepreneur, Trish is a Shaman and an IT professional focused on helping others Choose2Live.

After being diagnosed with Scleroderma (a rare form of Rheumatoid Arthritis) in 1998, Trish refused all medications and began an incredible journey to reclaim her health, and ultimately her life facing her fear of death and walking a path to discover 'her' truth. Her passion is helping people to release the emotional traumas that are holding them back from living their truth.