Those who study Black Sect Feng Shui believe every person contains the chi of all five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. At different times, we may have more or less of one element than others. We should, at all times, strive to balance the elemental chi -- not so that we contain equal parts of each within ourselves -- but so that we are balanced in a way that reflects our individual personality.

There are a number of ways we can apply this theory to both our life and our surroundings. Let's begin by understanding the five elements and their primary characteristics. Remember, these are simplifications, as the chi within human beings (and even geographical structures) is far more complicated, containing all five elements in varying quantities.

Once we understand these elements and how they interact, it can help us take control in negotiations, work toward win-win situations with others, and receive everything we deserve in life.

Metal: The element of metal, represented by the metal hill or tree shape, is heavy, cold and stagnant. A person with a lot of metal chi will be talkative and enthusiastic, perhaps to the point of being noisy and even self-righteous.

Someone with balanced metal chi speaks up against injustice when appropriate, but knows when to hold her tongue.

Someone with too little metal chi is shy and withdrawn, sometimes missing opportunities because they are afraid to speak up.

Water: Picture a rippling, rolling hill or weeping tree and you can envision the shape of water chi. It is fluid and gentle, connected with the sound of low groans. Water is associated with wisdom and actually has two sets of characteristics depending on whether it is still or moving.

Still water: The phrase “still waters run deep” represents still water chi: wise and clear. You may describe someone with an abundance of still water chi like a lake, while a person with small amounts of still water chi could be thought of in terms of a creek, mud puddle, or even an old well.

Moving water: Moving water chi in people represents their social activities or career, as well as cash flow. A person with high moving water chi would be like an ocean -- full of life and constantly on-the-go. A person whose moving water chi is represented by a fountain may have a very routine life, doing the same things and seeing the same people all the time.

Wood: A tall, columnar hill and oval tree represent the element Wood. The element of Wood is expansive and creative, moving upward and consuming as it creates. People with a high degree of Wood chi are stubborn, opinionated and inflexible. On the other hand, people with balanced Wood chi tend to listen carefully and evaluate opinions. They are willing to change their mind if the evidence is compelling. A person with very little wood chi may not have many opinions--blowing like a straw in the wind wherever the world takes them.

Fire: Think of a volcano and you'll picture the element of Fire. It's hot, consuming and related to the heart. A person with a lot of Fire chi is easily angered, whereas someone with balanced Fire chi is reasonable in most situations. Someone with too little Fire chi may be unable to express their anger, resulting in illness. Others with small amounts of Fire chi may simply be able to process their anger, swallowing it up without letting it harm them.

Earth: At the center of the elemental chi -- and the trigram -- sits Earth chi, a rectangular hill or a vase tree shape. Elemental Earth chi tastes sweet, and is represented by the sound of music. Often considered the most complex of the elements and the most important to adjust, it relates to how we care for ourselves and others -- the balance of giving and receiving.

Someone with high Earth chi will give until it hurts, sacrificing themselves for others until they burn out and have no more to give. Someone with balanced Earth chi knows how to give in such as way that they have enough for themselves to continue to produce and give more. Someone with a low amount of Earth chi may be selfish.

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