Want to understand what women think is eye-catching in a guy? Many people around the world think that women merely desire men that happen to be loaded, jerks, military guys, tall, good-looking, celebrities, young, or any mixture of these attributes.

In fact, what women think is enticing isn't these trivial characteristics. Women may well believe they require a guy to have these attributes, but seriously it’s not the traits that they find appealing, it’s what these attributes stand for.

This has to be excellent news for you if, much like me, you are not a 25 year old, six foot six, trust fund baby, biker, police officer, fashion model that is renowned.

The main reason that girls usually find themselves attracted to all these men is mainly because a lot of these guys have a tendency to be able to offer the woman a feeling of safety.

That’s right. Security.

If you consider things, it makes sense. Think about 1000's of years ago in prehistoric days. Girls wanted make certain their children would live through to maturity and survive to replicate. The simplest way for doing that is to find a man that will help keep her protected and provide for her.

Rich men have a lot of money that will provide things for her. Bad boys will take down just about anyone without a second thought. Guys in uniform also project this protective trait for women. Tall men offer the sense they can control other guys on account of their physical size. Handsome men have good inherited genes. If her kids have good genetics too, chances are they'll will enjoy a fairly easy time reproducing. Popular men offer the impression that they're leaders and will control many people. Young guys represent health and vitality.

That is why, what women believe is desirable is not these shallow characteristics. It’s a sense of ease and protection they will think is enticing. Now that’s not saying they like dull and predictable men. That is something different. They want guys that are interesting, fascinating, and unpredictable on an everyday basis, but guys they know can grant protection and safety in the long-run.

This is the reason Poindexter is not enticing to women. He’s just too bland and predictable. I'd guess that the software application firm he works at launching an IPO and the stock options could make him very wealthy, but most women will believe he is about as exhilarating as a warm cup of milk if he merely does those same things every single day.

This is why frat guys aren’t truly that effective with women as well. They may get a few girls to begin with because of their entertaining attitude. But the women will probably quickly leave them when they find out he cannot find a profession and earn any money (stability).

When girls say that they desire a “real man” what they mean is the fact they really want a man that can give reliability for them (physical and emotional), but also a man who is self-assured and relaxed enough with himself to take things lightly and have fun on occasion. That’s what women think is attractive.

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Brian Broderick used to be a shy "nice guy" that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.

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