It was 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and I was walking out of the movie theater with a giant knot in the pit of my stomach. I had just seen the movie “2012?.

After going in with much anticipation and knowing that I would need to keep a strong mind to be able to stay positive in the midst of so much chaos and negativity, I was astonished to find that in my own mind, I had created a massive dose of anxiety and fear in my mind and body. How could that be? After all, aren’t I some kind of new thought guru that understands how thoughts can create emotion? Don’t I have control of my own thoughts?

Apparently not.

The “what if” monster got me good. I found myself sitting in the theater, watching the Earth destruct in 2012 and thinking:

* What if it’s true?
* What if there is scientific data and I have been ignoring it?
* What if everything I’m doing is for nothing?
* What if the belief I have about 2012 being a spiritual new world is wrong?
* What if I don’t see my family before then?

And the biggest (and honestly most selfish) thought of all:

What if I’m not one of the survivors?

I needed to come back to the present moment and I needed to do it now. But I couldn’t. I decided to check it out a little more on the internet, just to calm my nerves. Conspiracy theorists, propaganda, predictions galore. (What was I expecting?) My nerves got worse as I surfed. I really wanted to stop, but I almost couldn’t. It was kind of like picking a scab and expecting a cut to heal. Finally, the anxiety got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it.

And I did this to MYSELF!

“Get away from the Internet”, my own voice told me. “There is only this moment. The future hasn’t happened.”

“Yes, I know,” I said to myself “but what if…”


Leaning back in my chair, I felt powerful just clicking the little X to close the window on my browser. Predictions be gone. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen (or not happen) and that’s just the way it is. Have you ever felt anxiety over a situation and obsessed about the negative outcome? Of course you have. But when you come back into the present moment, set up a step by step plan and get into action, there is no “what if”. There is only NOW.

What do you need stop worrying about and get into the present about right now? Leave me a comment and let’s stay present together.

All is ok.

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Stephanie Frank
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