The first signals I received about my breast cancer were through my intuition.

What is intuition? As the Oxford dictionary quotes, ‘the ability to understand or know something immediately, without conscious reasoning.’

The word intuition comes from the Latin intueri, meaning to consider, look on. This intuitive “look on” implies something deeper than simple awareness and is best described as PERCEPTION, the ability to “take hold of” knowledge in one glance.

My breast cancer discovery definitely fits the definition of intuition.

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary sums up intuition as “the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning; instantaneous apperception.”

Simply stated, intuition is direct knowledge.

Many may consider it a sixth sense, a second sight, or a form of clairvoyance; others would just prefer to call it ‘common-sense’.

Intuition comes in the form of a hunch, feeling, inkling, suspicion, premonition, or gut feeling. It is all these and more.

Quoting C.G. Jung: “The term intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.”

One consideration is that intuition is a tool that uses the knowledge you have in both your conscious and subconscious minds.

Most people have had instances where they said, “I should have gone with my instinct.” Wow! The very implication is that intuition has a huge value.

One of the more famous philosophers on this subject, Baruch Spinoza, is quoted as saying:

Intuition is the highest form of knowledge, surpassing both empirical knowledge derived from the senses and scientific knowledge derived from reasoning on the basis of experience.”

Another philosopher, Henri Bergson, regarded intuition as the ‘purest form of instinct.’ Bergson also said that, “intelligence on the other hand can only over analyze; and this analysis is suspect in some individuals.”

Here is what Albert Einstein has to say about intuition: "The really valuable thing is intuition. The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why."

After reading this array of definitions of the word intuition and quotes from many known philosopher about the word intuition, I feel that it is a shame that we do not rely more on our intuition.

So, what is your intuition about this subject? In my humble opinion, I feel that injustice has been done by the society for not adapting our intuition as one of our highest senses.

How unfortunate, that intuition, an awesome gift that we all are blessed with naturally is misused sense.

It is not secret that people who lack one of the five senses that we recognize in our society as; see, touch, feel, test and speak, their sense of intuition sharpens. They rely more on their sense of intuition.

The way I discovered my breast cancer was through my intuition, knowingness. I did not discover it by any of the other senses because I did not have any of the symptoms of the five senses.

The more important is the fact that the more we use our intuition the sharper it gets.

Do not deny your intuition; rely upon it!

With much Love, Laughter and Sharp Intuition,

Lea Yekutiel

Author's Bio: 

Lea Yekutiel is a breast cancer survivor and the author of the book entitled “Making the Breast of It”.

Lea turned her life around 180 degrees by changing her belief system and her attitude. This effort has involved 20 years of studying metaphysics and spirituality to learn what she now practices and teaches every day.

After Healing from breast cancer, Lea considers her mastectomy experience to be a gift from God. Today, she helps cancer survivors in Southern California and beyond on their journeys toward recovery, peace, and happiness.

Through her inspirational speaking and writing, Lea hopes to help enlighten her audiences and readers to ways of promoting their own health and healing.