I remember my mom talking when I was a little girl. She’d say things like, “I wish I had _____, but I know it’s too expensive for me to ever afford!” or “I could never spend that much on myself!” I remember thinking how strange that was that she would buy my brother or me a big gift, but didn’t think buying something for herself was appropriate. When my father would bring her home a gift she’d have a hard time accepting it.

It’s odd how we respond to the good things coming into our world. I’m convinced that many of us don’t have what we want right now because we’re not thinking with an abundance mindset. So what is the abundance mindset? Well it’s completing the sentence, “I want _____ in my life”, without shooting the idea down immediately. Here’s what I mean. A lot of times we think something like, “I’d love that car” and then we immediately tack on “but I could never afford it.” Did you see what happened there? The thought of the car came as a positive thought into the mind and just as quickly as that positive vibration came, the negative one came with “but I cound never afford it.” That last phrase was the negative and what do you get when you put a positive vibration together with a negative vibration? Zero. They cancel each other out, so you get no where.

Instead of moving through life with a positive and then a negative, why not try to change your thinking to an abundance mindset. Part of the issue is to learn to listen to your inner dialogue. Do you find yourself cancelling out positive vibrations with negative ones? Start monitoring what you truly believe. Remember that “out of the heart, the mouth speaks.” If you want to find out what you truly believe, then pay attention to your words—both inner and verbal.
Once you get a handle on your thought process then start thinking about what you want but don’t limit yourself. So you want a car...you don’t have to settle for the clunker “you can afford.” Set your sights higher than that—you deserve it. Think big and you’ll get big. It may take some doing to unravel your inner dialogue and inner beliefs, but if you really want to start tasting abundance and what it means, you have to start some where.

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Anya Dee is a Chicago-based Life Coach who works with the Law of Attraction. She has over ten years of experience in the field of self-improvement and helps others to focus on what they want and then achieve it through visualization, action steps and purpose. For more information on the Law of Attraction look at http://www.thesgrprogram.com/?m=4a18bf3099c92 or for information on Inspirational/Motivational Coaching visit www.mycoachanya.com.