Adult dating involves consenting adults meeting either personally or else interconnecting on the internet for a common purpose (usually sexual). There are various purposes or else styles that adult dating entails. Some examples are those who seek interracial dating, others swinging, dogging, casual sex and tantric dating to mention a few.

Over the last decades interracial relationships have become more tolerated due to the more liberal views towards diversification and mixing between different races. Exogamy is the term that difines marrying someone originating from a different racial group than yours. Just before 1967 interracial marriage in America was strictly prohibited. This occured in Germany as well during the late 1930's and mid 1940's. Same thing in South Africa throughout late mid 20th century. In some instances, an interracial relationship would consist of a couple from different races but same cultural background and values as they would have been raised in the same country or city.

Dogging is the term to describe those who participate in sexual acts in public places and enjoy watching others practicing the same behaviour. Dogging dates back to 1970's where men who enjoyed spying on couples having sex in semi public places were referred to as dogging couples instead of watching a couple closely or spying on them. The term dogging also suggests having sex in the public eye same as animals particularly dogs would do. Dogging became increasingly popular in the United Kingdom fairly recently in 2003 where couples or groups were known to attend sexual gatherings and exhibit this behaviour in public. These sex groups would either meet randomly, attending places commonly known for such happenings or else they would pre-arrange a meeting through adult dating sites.

The so callled Swingers enjoy sexual relationships or casual sex with other married induviduals or commited couples. The term swinger is best described as swapping partner or passing from one person to another for sexual fun. Most commonly swingers would be a married or commited couple who exchange partners with another couple for sex. Swinging dates back to 1950's when swingers' clubs or adult dating websites didn't exist as yet. If a couple wanted to share their open sexual mindedness one mostly looked in the local paper for adverts hinting that another couple is looking for that.

Tantric dating is when tantra practitioners date different people in order to find someone they can entirely connect to. This goes beyond physical appearance, race, age and welfare. Tantra teaches that one should look for the energy the other person is passing on to you and that can ultimately lead to choosing the best partner who will complete your being, with whom you'll share a strong relationship and a healthy sex life. In a tantric relationship, the couple will work together to develop a perferctly harmonic bond so through this spiritual connection sex is improved and considered as a unision of energies.

Not everyone is pursuing emotional attachment or marriage from dating, some people are not prepared to be romantically involved with someone so as an alternative they go for casual sex dating. Whereas sex is only permitted after marriage in certain religions, casual sex has seen an increasing tollerance and popularity since 1960's when people started conceiving a more liberal view about most things. Since the existence of birth control, the legalisation of abortion and other changes in normatives, casual sex started to be in vogue.

Adult dating websites such as cater for those looking for no strings attached (NSA) relationships which entails not knowing much about one another, just knowing what the other person is seeking is enough. On these dating sites on can completely anonymously look for someone outside his or her social trends who won't be expecting anything else from them but consensual sexual pleasure.

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