What is this EFT thing, everybody else is talking about?

I, like you, have heard about EFT many times before I began looking into it further. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques was literally life changing for me. They can be for you too!

EFT is one of the newest and most exciting things to happen in self help and personal development for a long time. It is being learnt by many different people as a quick and powerful alternative to other forms of self help, healing, change and getting what you want in your own life.

What is EFT?

EFT is a very quick and simple process to learn and do. EFT is also called Emotional Freedom Techniques, as it is a collection of techniques, although most EFTers only use one technique on a regular basis.

It is a way of getting rid of and clearing your own negative emotions, limiting decisions, bad habits and negative feeling blocks to help you get what you want in your life and fast.

What Are The Benefits of EFT?

EFT can be completed in a matter of minutes. It can be done on your own too.

The results of releasing negative emotions can be explosive and rapid. They can also be cumulative and gentle and happen over time. One release of energy can affect you in many different ways. You might be tapping for a physical issue, i.e. headache and your behaviour changes.

How Do You Do EFT?

With your finger tips you tap 7-10 times on some of the key meridian or energy points around the body, whilst tuning into one of your own negative emotions, limiting decisions, bad habits or distressful feelings. By tapping on these key points you dissolve and release the negative emotions and painful feelings that you have been storing up in your body.

Where and When Do You EFT?

You can do EFT anywhere and at any time. There are no limits or rules to follow. You don't need to book an appointment to see a professional. You don't need to sit down or take a huge chunk of time out of your day to do it.


Once you try EFT on anything and everything, it can become highly addictive. All your excuses for not having what you want in your life are now gone. If you don't change and don't want to let go of what is holding you back, that is your decision!

What Can You Expect Straight Away?

EFT's results are fast and effective. You can use EFT on any negative feeling. You can also use it to help you achieve your goals faster and easier than every before. The big secret to EFT is to do it on anything and everything. It always works. If you apply it to many things, you'll see the biggest results.

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