Saturday, February 20, 2010
What is Energy Clearing and why do we need it!
Energy Clearing is a way of being. It is a way of using all of our senses to become aware of our surroundings and recognize disturbances that affect our being in a negative way. Energy Clearing is a process of learning to become familiar with different types of energies, to know them and be able to identify them. It is learning about the tools you need to work with the energies and affect a change for the positive. There are many types of energies that we want to become familiar with. For instance, we want to know when we walk into a room what the general feel of the place is, is it stagnant, over active, is there sadness, grief, anger, violence, are there energies that make us feel drained, ungrounded, confused or uncomfortable. We want to become aware of the energies of different types of spirits and know what these energies feel like. Becoming an EnergyShifter is becoming a detective of the subtleties of the energies around us. We have all walked into homes and businesses and felt like we wanted to leave, felt like someone or something was watching us or were immediately uncomfortable. You might even feel flu-like symptoms in places, or around people that make you uncomfortable. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent homes and apartments because we don’t like the way they “feel.” These are all reasons that we need energy clearing in our lives. Shifting these unwanted vibrations and emotions is what energy clearing is all about. Through the use of energy clearing you will be able to improve and balance the atmosphere in you home, business, workplace or wherever you may find yourself.

Energy moves through a house like water moves in a stream. In the same way that water can become stagnant in the corners in a stream, so energy can become stagnant in the corners of a home. This is because energy travels in circular, spiral movements that preclude corners. Purification is like clearing debris from a stream. It clears stagnant energy from the corners of the home. Energy also becomes stagnant because of illness, negative emotions, and emanations of the objects in the house/room or placement of the objects in the house

Energy Clearing is basically energetic housekeeping and is performed in much the same way, we would keep our physical bodies clean. If you yourself clean your house on a weekly basis and do it with joy and care, your home will sense this vibration and will treat you in the same fashion. We all love to come home to a freshly cleaned house. Every home, business, object, piece of furniture, article of clothing, animal or plant carries traces of the energy it has been exposed to, the energy of those who made the object, sold the object, previously owned or lived in the object. These energies are impregnated into the very fiber of its existence. This is known as spiritual energy or vibration.

Energy Clearing is a very effective way of clearing this energy out to leave you with a completely fresh start. Energy Clearing helps to produce more harmony in the workplace, which leads to better productivity.

Use Energy Clearing if sales start to drop. Freshening and revitalizing the space has a corresponding effect on the business. All Energy Clearing is designed to raise the level of the astral light of atmospheres in our own personal spaces and, in so doing raise the quality of life and the potential for success.

When Energy Clearing is Helpful

After a divorce or separation

After illness or death

To release grief or sadness

After acts of violence or anger

If there are Ghosts, thought forms or etheric patterns that cause harm.

When moving into a new home or business

To sell your home or business

Before constructing a new home

If things seem to be confusing around your home or office

To bring in positive energy before a celebration

Cultural History

Energy Clearing has been a part of most cultures since the beginning of time when we were more in tune with the seasons and the earth herself. We lived in caves, in the belly of the earth, and then in round buildings like tee-pees and yurts. Once we began building with corners, the need for energy clearing grew. Energy tends to collect in the corners of spaces. Years ago this information was common knowledge and ritually practiced. We all know the term spring-cleaning. This was the season to open the windows, toss out the accumulated dirt, scrub the floors and let in the sunshine after a long winter. This is actually a process of energy clearing. Today we regard some of this information as Old Wives’ Tales and, in fact, this is how I learned it. Energy clearing is an integral part of religious rituals, rituals appeal to our emotions and we feel good after we have been apart of them. The Native Americans used prayer and smudge to clear themselves, their spaces and their sacred objects. Sage, cedar, sweet grass and pine are just a few of the natural herbs that were used by different tribes and this was often determined by what grew in the region that you lived in. The natives honored all of nature the trees, rocks, animals, plants, earth, sun, moon and stars. They believed that we are part of everything in the universe and all was to be honor and treated with respect and most of all gratitude. The Celtic people often used salt, fire and herbs to keep there spaces clear there is a broad history of Celtic Shamanism and Druid Geomancy that was alive and celebrated for many years before the Goddess had to hide her head and go underground for fear of being burned at the stake. Paganism was a celebration of the Goddess of the Earth, a celebration of the seasons that we flowed through with the rest of the animals and spirits on the planet, we celebrated the Spring and the breaking open of the earth after a cold winter, the summer the time to plant and tend to the plants that would take care of us through the following year, the autumn the time of harvest and the beginning of going inward for the long cold winters and the winter the time to rest and go inward. These were all people who believed strongly in ritual and respect of all living things and we all have ancestors some where in our pasts that celebrated these seasons and rituals and give us the longing to do the same. We have all been denied our rights to celebrate freely our love of nature and our connection with her and becoming and energyShifter will give you an opportunity to open your heart freely to the Goddess and celebrate her once again. Indonesia is one of the few places left that is alive with Feng Shui and Space Clearing on a daily basis, they use clapping, incense and bells to keep there spaces clear and work a lot with the honor or feeding of the spirit realms. I Buddhism their are many rituals and ceremonies to honor the hungry ghosts, in many cultures the feeding and honoring of the ancestors and spirit realms is done on a regular basis. No matter what culture you come from with a little investigation you will find that your ancestors practiced some form of Space Clearing and Feng Shui as part of their daily lives.